What factor, more than any other, caused me to apply to Molloy College?

Pavel Pushkov

In looking for a place to transfer from a two- year college, I visited a great deal of universities in New York City and on Long Island. I was very impressed with the schools I saw, however, the college that I like the most and where I hope to be enrolled is Molloy College. This school has something that big universities do not: an atmosphere of warmth and friendship. Its cozy and comfortable campus makes me feel at home, and I do not want to look for anything else. A welcoming atmosphere in combination with a reasonable tuition and convenient location would be enough to make me apply to Molloy, but there is something else that attracts me in the college. In order to graduate from Molloy, you have to take Theology classes, and I am very interested in this subject.

I am not a religious person, but my life experience makes me believe that there is some power that guides our lives; our destiny is predetermined and we cannot do anything about it. Human life can be compared with rafting down a mountain stream. You can control the course of your raft to some extent and make it move to the left or to the right, but you have no chance to go against the current. Similarly, we have some influence on our lives, but we cannot go against our destiny. What is that power that controlled our lives? Does this power exist at all? Is it nothing but a play of human imagination? There are even more questions. Why people, even nonbelievers, start praying when they are very frightened? If you are afraid for your life, you begin to pray even if you have no idea how to do it. I observed such behavior many times when I was in the army. What is religion? Is it just worshipping a deity? Is it a belief that unites people? Are such contemporary philosophies as communism and American democracy types of religion? These two ideologies would be a new type of faith: religion without a god. People worship the principle instead of a deity. They die and kill in the name of the principle as often as they did in the name of God. Can humankind exist without religion? I hope that Theology classes will give me answers to some of these questions.

Molloy College is a small school that combines a kind, homelike atmosphere with a great variety of educational opportunities. It is situated in a scenic part of Long Island and in a beautiful community. Molloy’s tuition is very reasonable for a private college. That is why I can hardly wait to begin my studying in this great institution.


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