Newspaper Reporting

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The newspaper printing is a rather unusual activity since each day the newspaper material is prepared anew. Newspaper includes editorial board work the following functions: getting the right news, writing it in the form of an article, selection of the best items for the print, and desplaying the selected copy in the paper.

All these tasks are performed by journalists, editors and rewrite men, photographers and makeup editors responsible for the issue of the paper.

Thus, the newspaper reporting starts with collecting information for the paper. However, journalism does not stop here. Newspapers and magazines publish a great deal of stories, not only news items or political stories, for example, stories of humourous or some other type. Such essay-type articles may be called human interest stories. Besides, newpapers carry many items on sports, personalities of today as well as stories on science, art and technology. Rather popular are also the reports about the flights of astronauts and space research matters in general.

Human interest stories are often written in the form of an interview, or as some journalists say, a profile is given. It is no secret that different newspaper publications differently influence the reader, this depending on the level of the skill of the journalist himself or the type of the topic being covered.

One can often hear some reporters who have just started their career in journalism asking this question: how to conduct an interview? There are hardly any rules to that effect because each interviewee is different. In most instances, the journalist's problem is how to get the interviewee to start talking. The opening questions, therefore, are of special importance. The reporter should not ask questions that call for only yes-or-no response.

The above-mentioned profile-type stories may be characterised as personality sketches reading which one learns much about interesting aspects of somebody's life. Other everyday topics covered by newspapers are stories on crime, medicine and law. Those organs of press which focus on entertainment, crime and just gossip are justly called commercial. These papers are published primarily for profit Usually they have a considerable readership.


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