Big BrotherDarren

Big Brother-Darren’s Eviction Essay, Research Paper

The sequence begins with footage of an advertisement for ‘Southern Comfort´ clearly stating that it sponsors ‘Big Brother´. The images in the advert are black and white but show icons of the game show. As it displays a chicken, relating to Darren´s chicken and a girl who resembles Mel slightly. These similarities between the show and advert simply give the viewer a Big Brother feel and set their memories back to previous shows. It gives off a feeling that they want to watch more, almost like a what happens next scene, and this is the best part where they find out what happens, again, making them want to watch. The fact that the show has a sponsor backs this as it makes the viewer feel comfortable to watch it, as it shows they aren´t ashamed to sponsor it and want their name clearly shown alongside, clearly stating that it isn´t poor television.

As the sequence is of the final show of this huge, popular series, the whole scene and setting is shown to be very up-class, signifying that its special and showing success. It all begins very classy and high budget straight from the opening scene of a well-dressed, well-known, female presenter, flying over landmarks of London in a helicopter. She sets the whole scene to be very popular, making the viewer feel as if they have to watch it. She also intrigues a lot of male viewers, as she is known to be a sex symbol and in this case wearing a very revealing dress, still adding to the speciality of the show.

So far the presenter and the mise-en-scene overall has created a very modern, high class, popular culture to the show. It is then summed up to be very modern as the dance style theme tune blends in with the special effects of modern and natural lighting of London and also the computer generated images.

The camera angles are all very similar whether they are of the presenter or the contestants of the show and as this angle is on each of these the voice over language is very clear and effective. Making the whole scene and its background focused.

All of this blends together to show a very wealthy game show and all of the big budget gadgets, effects and sounds make the atmosphere incredibly tense. It is all portrayed to show success, giving a popular feel to the show, making the viewers feel as of it is okay to watch it as everyone else are.

I felt that it was a very successful piece for its originality and tense atmosphere and certainly made me want to watch it.

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