Florida Should Legalize Euthanasia Essay Research Paper

Florida Should Legalize Euthanasia Essay, Research Paper

Florida Should Legalize Euthanasia

Florida should legalize euthanasia and I offer the following

plan. The way Florida would legalize euthanasia should be by setting up a set of

professional doctors who could examine all cases in which a person or an ill

patients family request euthanasia due to extreme pain or an incurable disease.

The doctors could examine these people and if they find there is no way other

than the use of machines 24-hours a day to keep these people alive they will

allow the doctor of the patient to assist in suicide or in better terms freeing

an immense pain and agony. The benefits from legalizing euthanasia in Florida

would be the health care spent to keep many of the people who live on machines

from terminally or incurable diseases would be saved, many families would not

have to watch there family member die slowly, and many stories like Sue

Rodriguez’s would never be.

In the first place, health care on people with incurable or

deadly diseases cannot be paid by many people because of no medical insurance

according to Euthanasia questions by the IAETF. The government jumps in and pays

for the treatment and care. This could be replaced in incurable or agonizing

pain situations with the better and cheaper treatment of death.

Next, not all family life is harmonious, and underlying

pathology can often be exacerbated by the stresses of a family member’s terminal

illness bring says an article in Law Medicine & Health Care of 1992. If

euthanasia is legalized the family members of a patient could sleep peacefully

knowing that they have been “mercied” and died easily and with little pain

instead of being kept alive by a machine or dying slowly and painfully from an

incurable disease.

Finally, let me tell you a true story from Vess Fast Access TO

Information On Euthanasia, about a 31-year old mother named Sue Rodriguez. Sue

Rodriguez was dying slowly of the incurable Lou Gehrig’s disease. She lived

several years with the knowledge that the disease would one by one waste away

her muscles until the point while still conscious the lack of muscles would

choke her to death. She begged the courts to allow her and her doctor to choose

the moment of her death instead of the inspicable pain of being choked to death.

The court refused to mercy her and she lived in terror every day. Every morning

she would wake up wondering if this is the day she would be choked to death

maybe while her children watch. In February 1994, Sue Rodriguez died. Finally

she may rest in peace after several years of pain. If euthanasia was legalized

it could have saved her the nightmare during those months and years before her

death, given her the confidence to carry on – with the reassurance that when it

got too bad she could rely on a compassionate doctor to follow her wishes at the


To recap, Florida should legalize euthanasia and I offer this

plan. A set of doctors to examine each euthanasia case is a way to legalize

euthanasia with many safe guards for people who do not have to die. The benefits

of the legalization of Euthanasia in Florida would be the amount of money saved

that is spent on keeping incurable patients alive, families of victims could

live peacefully and not go under much stress knowing the victim died peacefully

and not painfully, and how stories like the one of the 31-year old mother Sue

Rodriguez and how she woke up every day wondering if she would choke to death in

front of her children and family because the courts would not allow her and her

doctor to choose the time of death.

To conclude, I ask you to vote affirmatively on if Florida

should legalize euthanasia.


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