The Young Persons Guide To Being A

…. Yougn Person! Essay, Research Paper

For more information: Try the following websites – This booklet was designed to guide you through some very turbulent times. I aim to open your eyes to all sorts of new possibilities. If you have been troubled by the advice given or cannot understand why the townies have to hate the pikies… well do not feel bad, because neither can I.

A young person’s guide to being…

A young person ! By Ben Heuvel

The Townie

Rebellious, Hostile, Violent. Aged generally between 9 to 20. Townies like to hang around in large groups as this gives them the feeling of superiority. They are generally seen at weekends or during school hours as they have a tendency to play truant. It could be said that being a townie is a form of ‘poor man’s rebellion’ and this is evident as most of them do come from families that have struggled in some way or another.

To become a townie you need very little. You need to wear sports brands (Adidas, Nike, Kappa) or you can choose to wear fake sports brands when you start up but you will need ‘real names’ to get you praised in their society. For accessories, you need a bag with stripes on it, large gold or fake gold rings, a cap, and a pierced ear. You need to be able to smoke cigarettes or ‘rollups’ and yell in the street to your mates.

The girls need to wear a belt, which they call a skirt and always yell at any boy who looks below her face!

Hanging out at the amusements and the cheap cinemas is the place to be seen.


The New Aged Trendy

Love topshop, Rich, Drink at pubs. Aged between 15 to 25. Trendies are the new generation of mostly rich public school boys who mix only with their own sort and generally are the popular gang at school. Some people strive to be ‘a trendy’ all their school life but some never make it. Being a trendy eventually wears off as people need to think for themselves once they have finished school. They meet at weekends and go to shopping centres to buy some new branded sunglasses with their pocket money for a mere hundred pounds. To become a trendy is very difficult. Once you have all the gear, (The latest gap moto- i.e. “Everybody in Leather”) you need to buy the friendship of trendies. One way to go about this is to have a house party with many crates of booze, no parents and lots of boys and girls. Trendies say no to drugs, so do not let any dope into the party. Another way to join the trendies is to start free fake ID printing for them to get them into pubs. WATCH OUT : TRENDIES CAN BE VERY SHALLOW AND CAN BE ONLY A FAKE FRIEND AS LONG AS YOU KEEP GIVING THEM THINGS AND MONEY. IF THEY EVER GET INTO TROUBLE, THE NEWCOMER CAN OFTEN BE THROWN OUT AND BLAMED.

The Boarder / Biker

Hard, not always law-abiding, likes punk music. Aged between 10 to 18. This culture is dominated by boys seeking to do a sport that combines danger with excitement. It is risky and this is why it is such a thrill. To start up you need a bike or board and just a T-shirt with a manufacture’s stamp. This will get you the respect needed to start up. Also, you need a nice pair of ‘baggies.’ (Baggy trousers)

The hardcore bikers / boarders are pot smokers and do have strong feelings against the rulers of the land as they are generally putting rules in the way of this harmless thrill seeking culture. The Goth

‘Metalers’, Cross-dressing, Self-abusive. Aged between 15 to 30+. All Goths have their own style. Generally, they wear black and listen to heavy metal. They have black hair and wear satanic necklaces. They do look evil but really very few of them actually practice satanic worship. To become a Goth you need very little; a pair of black baggies, a T-shirt with a Satan symbol, bangles, and a spiky necklace. Also, dyed black hair is a good way to start. Good places to hang out in Norwich are Fat Paulies and C&A steps.

The Pikie

Spaced out, rebellious, colourful. Aged between 10 to 18. Being a Pikie is very much like the hippie movement. It means to be a gypsy but now is a modern day slang word for a person who dresses like a hippie.

They wear flares and baggies and colourful shirts. Some Pikies wear anti-fashion clothing. Retro, large and fun are the only rules to this new generation. Like the hippie culture of the 70’s and 80’s, Pikies believe in free loving and smoking cannabis. “No victim, No crime”; is a common phrase in their vocabulary.

Fat Paulies in Norwich is the main venue of Pikie culture every weekend. During the days, C&A is the place to be and sitting in huge circles in Chapelfield Gardens is a summer chilling place.

Pikie music taste is very varied. It ranges from grunge (NIRVANA) to heavy metal (SLIPKNOT).

If you would like to be a Pikie, get noticed and have fun without barriers of modern day restraints; well I am sure it isn’t hard to join them as it is a culture that takes in all sorts of people and puts them in a new direction. It may sound quite hedonistic but being a Pikie is different for everybody. A young person’s guide to being a young person Introduction Hi,

In this booklet, you will find out about cultures that do exist in our world today that you may or may not be aware of.

You might be feeling lost or not know who your real friends are or who to turn to…Well, by reading this you will find out the truth of some misinterpreted groups.

First of all, I would like to point out that this is a personal opinion and therefore gives you the view of only one person. I do understand that some people will not fit into any categories and do not wish to. But, deeper down, do they want to be part of any of the groups in this booklet?


By reading this booklet you will learn some truths that have not be told before and therefore could shock you.

The Nerds / Trekies

Brainy, School devoted, Home lovers. Aged 8 to 18.

Once school is over, they go home, do homework then eat, then a bit more work and get to bed at 8:30. Twice a week they meet at lunch over a table in the dinning hall to talk and once a week they solve maths puzzles. There is no mixing with the opposite sex and at the weekend they go into Norwich before most people are up.

To become a nerd is very easy as they have so few people they welcome new people with great rejoicing. Wannabe’s

Very trying; All the gear, no idea. Any age.

This group applies to all the other groups mentioned in this booklet. Some people do try and join these groups but all they do is just buy the gear when in fact it is their own attitude that is stopping them from joining the group. With the right attitude anybody can join any group they want… Conclusion

If you want to join any group before buying all the gear, make sure it suits you and you want to mix with those sort of people otherwise why bother?


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