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Neat Freak Essay, Research Paper

Neat freak

Sarah and I have been best friends since the sixth grade. During our freshman year of high school I spent about two weeks straight at her house. My mother had gone away and I needed somewhere to stay because my mother didn t trust me at home by myself. It was during those two weeks at Sarah s house I found out her dark secret; My best friend Sarah is a neat-freak!

First of all let s talk about Sarah s car. She has a white 1988 Chevy pick up truck, that he older brother gave her when he got his new Honda, and she treats it as if it were a Porsche. Every other day she is in the driveway soaping up her truck. With out fail she makes sure every little nook and cranny is cleaned, waxed, polished, and dried before the sun can dry it and leave water spots on it. Sarah also scrubs, soaps, and polishes every tire on her truck. Next Sarah works on the inside of her car. She vacuums her car seats and carpets everyday, and asks anyone entering her car to please take their shoes off. She is even a neat freak about her CD player. Every CD that goes into her player is inspected to make sure that it doesn t have a scratch on it and it won t ruin her neatly Windexed player.

Next there is Sarah s schoolwork. Before class Sarah is very prepared and neat. Sarah lays out all of the notes she took the day before and reviews the notes in the same order she took them. Also while sitting in class before class starts, she neatly sets out one pen, one pencil, an eraser, and two sheets of paper. Sarah is also very neat during class. She makes sure she sits in the same exact chair every day. She also carries a box of pampers baby wipes with her so that she can wipe down the seat she is about so sit on. Sarah also has a different notebook for every class. Each notebook is color coated, to the textbook for the class she is taking. After class Sarah remains neat. She has a Daily planner, that s almost the size of a dictionary, which she writes every bit of homework in. To make it easy on the teacher she will sit and type up all of her homework and in class assignments, and is sure to follow and format given.

Sarah is the worst about her room. First of all there is Sarah s bed. Every morning she gets out of bed and makes it, always in the exact same way. She also makes sure every stuffed animal from her Scooby Doo dog to her Chilly Willy penguin are in the right place. Also every night she sprays one spray of her Ralph Lauren Perfume on her bed so that it smells clean when she gets in it. Next there are her bookshelves. Every book on her shelf has its very own place, all in rainbow color coated and alphabetical order. Also on her bookshelf are two boxes of Lipsmakers Chap stick, which are all in rainbow and flavored order. Worst of all is Sarah s closet. At the bottom of her closet are her shoes. Every pair of shoes is in order by color, brand and style. Hanging in her closet are her clothes. Every article of clothing in her closet has a hanger that is the same color as the garment that is on it. Each piece of clothing is also lined up in a rainbow color coated and style order. Sarah also makes sure that with every color shirt she has she also has a matching chap stick.

Everyone has something that must stay neat, but some people can take it to the extreme. Sarah and I will always be best friends but I will definitely not ever be as neat as her. I have come to the conclusion that Sarah is without a doubt a neat freak!


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