The Origin Of Rome Essay Research Paper

The Origin Of Rome Essay, Research Paper

Origin of Rome

The origin of Rome is an interesting story. Did you know that Rome began by the

twin brothers Romulus and Remus? About a year before the twin brothers were born, their

great uncle had taken the power from their grandfather. When the new King found out

about the twin?s birth, he told his men to throw them into the Tiber River, because he was

scared that they would threaten him.

The gods took pity on the twins and they were safely placed into the shore. When

the floated with the water in the shore, they finally hit land and stopped. A wolf heard the

twins near by and comfort and protected them as if it was her own babies. Later on that

day a shepherd discovered the boys and took them home and raised them as his own sons.

When Romulus and Remus became older, they took revenge on his cruel uncle and their

grandfather got his throne back. Looking over a hill, their destiny and greatness had finally

appeared. Over the hill, beyond the Tiber River, they founded the City of Rome.

Years later, the Romans faced a more sophisticated culture of the eastern

Mediterranean. Because of this the story of the twins became boring when compared to

the Greek tales of the Trojan War. So a poet named Virgil created a new legend.. He

wrote a poem called Aeneid, he talked about Aeneas, a Trojan Hero. After all Aeneas

adventures and battles, Aeneas founded a colony in Italy, where Romulus and Remus was

born years later.

Still, both of these legends are important to the Romans. The story of Romulus

and Remus said that strength, justice, and the favor of the gods was the best protection

from the bad things. The Aeneid connected Rome to the older civilizations of Greece and

Asia Minor. All this showed and proved that they weren?t the newcomers to the

Mediterranean world.

When Athens was displayed, Rome was only a small town in Italy. Alexander the

Great conquered the empire and he made Rome a stronger city-state in 323 B.C. Rome

won control and it united people and regions.


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