Jay Has Mono Essay Research Paper Ia

Jay Has Mono Essay, Research Paper

I.a.) Testing Results

1.5-mile run/walk 12:31

Push-ups 20

Sit-ups 27

Sit and Reach 6 inches

Body fat 23%

b.) My overall level of fitness is good because I?m an athlete and take responsibility to get myself in shape. I think it?s important to be in shape so that you don?t injure your muscles or struggle through training.

II.a.) Health Promoting Behaviors

I exercise regularly

I get enough fiber

I get adequate vitamins and minerals

I brush and floss daily

I wear my seatbelt

I use caution when using prescriptions

I promote a safe and clean environment

I am expressive

I can say no

I promote relaxation when I?m stressed

I can develop close/intimate relationships

I am interested in others opinions

I am satisfied with my study habits

I am satisfied with my spiritual life

I am tolerant with others beliefs and values

I am able to socialize regularly

I have annual physical exams

I avoid risky sexual behavior

I use caution in unsafe places

I have smoke detectors at home

I don?t add sugar to my food

I don?t drink and drive

I don?t smoke

I don?t use smokeless tobacco

I consume 2 drinks or less a day

Health Inhibiting Behaviors

I don?t get 7-8 hours of sleep a night

I add salt to my food

I don?t limit fat in my diet

b.) I don?t get 7-8 hours of sleep a night for a few reasons. Sometimes I?m out late, studying, or just hanging out with friends.

I add salt to my food more then I should. Most of the time I put it on my food before I even taste it. It?s an inhibiting behavior that I hope to change in the near future.

I don?t limit fat in my diet and I realize that?s not a good habit. It?s important to limit your fat intake so you don?t overeat in one sitting.

III.I don?t have any history of disease in my family.

IV.My goal in regard to taking ?Wellness and Fitness,? is that I want to become more knowledgeable about the different areas of wellness and fitness so I can benefit myself.

My personal goals in regard to wellness are, I want to maintain a more balanced diet and I want to improve on my areas of physical fitness that are weak.


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