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Changing The Motor Oil Of A Car

Essay, Research Paper

In a perfect world, one would be able to buy a car and never have to worry about changing the motor oil. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and we are recommended to change the oil every three thousand miles. The motor oil of a car is very important to its performance and lifespan. It is a very simple task, and yet many people fail to do it. There are two different ways to go about changing your car’s oil. You can either take it to be done for you at a hefty cost, or you can do it yourself, so you can save money and make sure it is done correctly. by following the steps listed in the following paragraphs, you will be able to change your oil on your own in less than thirty minutes.

First, you start bybuying the oil and oil filter that your car requires. You can get all this information in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have an owner’s manual, just ask hte person working at the auto parts store, and he’ll be able to look up all the information pertainiung to your car on his computer. Before even looking under the hood, make sure that the engine’s temperature isn’t high. You want the engint to be nice and cold so that you don’t burn yourself. Make sure that you pick a good place to change your oil. n An ideal spot would be a shaded are with a level ground. You don’t want to do it over an extravagantly tiled driveway. It can be a very messy job. To be on the safe side, lay out some old newspapers under the car so if the oil does spill, teh paper will be able to absorb most of it.

Once you have all the supplies and have found a good spot, you are ready to begin your oil change. You start by laying the newspaper out and getting an oil pan so you have a place for the oil to land while you are draining the old oil. Place the oil pan under the drainage bolt and oil filter. Using a wrench loosen the bolt; don’t worry if it falls in the pan. The oil filter shouldn’t be too tight, you should be able to loosen it with your hand. If it is not possible to loosen the filter by hand, you are going to have to use a wrench. Once both pieces are removed, allow the old oil to fall into the pan. When there is no more oil coming out, get the bolt and put it in it’s palce. Don’t forget to put the bolt back, or the oil that is put into the engine will come out by that hole. Then get the new filter,lubricate it by dipping your fingers in the old oil and running them along the rubber rings on the top of the oil filter. Then get the filter and put it where it belongs by hand tightening it. It is not necessary to tighten the filter with a clamp.

After you have taken out the old oil and replaced the filter, you are practically done. All there is left to be done is to put the new oil in the engine. By finding the oil cap on the engine and using a funnel, refill ther engine with the new oil making sure you put the right amount. You can check if you put the right amount by using the dip stick for the engine oil. Finally make sure that you dispose of the old oil properly. This is done by putting the old oil in plastic containers and taking them to a service garage or gas station that disposes of old oil.

Your car is one of the bigger investments you will make in your life. Why not protect you investment by doing some preventive maintenance when it calls for it. You should change your oil every three thousand miles or every three months, which ever comes first. By doing this you are elongating the life of your engine. You are also keeping the performance of your car at its peak level. Make sure that every time you cashnge your cars oil you annotate it. The reason for this is so when the time comes to sell your car you will be able to show the buyer that you took care of the engine. This will make it easier for you to sell your car and get the money you are asking for it.