Red Pony By John Steinbeck Essay Research

Red Pony By John Steinbeck Essay, Research Paper

The Red Pony was written by John Stienback and first published in 1933. It tells the story of a boy named Jody who learns how to be a man and how to lose a best friend. His family supports him and wants him to be a rancher. Jody had a hard ranch life in Northern California. Jody goes to a small school near his house. There are many mountains near his house which Jody is curious about. There are many wild animals that live around his house. There is a bay near Jody’s house where his father fishes. Jody was the main character in the book. He was a boy who worked with his family on a farm. He was a strong boy, who helped his father. Jody was curious and kind-hearted boy. Jody had a horse trainer named Billy Buck. Billy Buck was the best cow-hand in the town. Jody’s father was a firm, strict man who wanted the best for Jody. He wanted to give his family anything he could provide. Jody was very fond of his father. Jody’s mother was a loving person. She devoted herself to Jody and always wanted the best for him. Jody was a boy who was given a horse by his father. He named the horse Gabilian. His father bought him at a horse show with Billy Buck She was a wild stallion who Jody loved. Jody and Billy Buck broke Gabilian using many different methods. Jody cared for the horse. After a few months of training Jody was able to ride Gabilian. One day Jody left Gabilian outside in the coral near his house. While Jody was in school it rained. Gabilian was out in the rain. Jody hurried outside and brought Gabilian to the stall. Gabilian was drenched in water when Jody had gotten her to the stable. Gabilian had caught a cold while she was out in the rain. Jody put warm cloths on Gabilian and tried to get him healthy. Months passed and Gabilian was still sick. Jody felt sick and was in a frantic state while she was sick. Billy Buck found a lump in Gabilian throat. He had to cut out the lump in Gabilian’s neck. The horse lost too much blood and later died.

Jody was sad and felt guilty after the horse died. After Jody’s father saw how sad Jody felt he went and bought Jody another horse. Jody was happy after he got the new horse. One day Billy Buck found out that the horse was going to have a baby. They expected that the horse was going to have the baby by Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving came the horse was not ready to have the baby. Jody was nervous and remembered what happened to Gabilian. Weeks passed until the horse went into labor. Jody was scared that both the baby and mother would die. They baby turned the wrong way in the pouch of the mother. Billy Buck said that inorder to save the baby he must kill the mother. Jody told him to kill the mother and to save the baby. Billy Buck saved the baby and had killed the mother. Jody was sad, but knew that he had to save the baby horse. This is what made Jody a man.Jody had became a man and he learned how to make desisions in his life. He lost two of his best friends to death. He learned how to deal with death of his loved ones. Jody also learned how to sacrifice a mother to save a baby. Jody became a man by learning how to handle death and how to make decisions. Jody was a boy who was a rancher and listened to his parents. He thought it was easy to act like a man until the death of Gabilian. He learned to deal with death and how to live without a best friend. Jody became a man when he proved to himself that he could live with knowing that a loved one died. He learned how to make safrifices for life. This made him a true man.


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