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Sports Management Essay Research Paper Jessica Quincey

Sports Management Essay, Research Paper

Jessica Quincey 422

Csc 105-4

Sports management is an area of professional endeavor in which a broad classification of sport affiliated careers exists. It is also an area of collegiate professional preparation. Careers in sports management are established in schools, collegiate sports programs, professional sports, amateur sports organizations, commercial sports establishments, sports arenas, etc. One factor of sports management is not only having athletes but also have a place to utilize their talents in.

Facility management and marketing play a big role in the sports and computer industry. Facility management involves the co-ordination of the physical surrounding and related services with the user?s needs. In some cases, like privately owned gymnasiums, the facility itself is the service, while for other organizations, such as a boat club with a boat house, the facility is a storage place that aids the delivery of the service.

Choosing the correct real estate for a sporting facility is vital to its success. An apparent factor to contemplate is the number and proximity of prospective users. Use of a computer comes in an important role. You can use the computer to find the U.S. Bureau of Statistics printout on local government demographics to determine how many prospective users may be in the area.

Other factors to take into consideration when building and managing a facility are the direct costs such as rent, utilities, insurance, physical satisfaction of the building, proximity to staff and suppliers, transport availability, and site limitations.

Computer usage when figuring out the costs of rent, utilities, and insurance are very useful when building a facility. There are many types of insurances that you need to consider: property damage, theft, product and general liability, disability, worker?s compensation, business interruption, health, and medical. Rent, operating expenses, maintenance, taxes, rates, telephone, electricity, gas, and water, are other factors you need to consider. You could create a spreadsheet of the prices and a list of different companies to compare, which company is the most expensive and which one is the cheapest. When determining the physical suitability of the building, you can create an on-line survey asking potential users opinions on how they may want the building setup. Or you can establish your own setup and ask the prospective users their opinion about it.

Wherever the building is located, you need to contemplate the safety of the structure, its look and design features, promotional potential, availability of workers, the number of competitors, parking convenience, nearness of public transportation, and utility limitations. You could use the computer to research on the construction company you want and find specific designs you were interested in. You could promote the facility with online ads or simply use Word to create banners or flyers. When hiring a staff you could put an application for employment online, or create a web page with an ad for employment opportunities. After hiring all the staff, create a calendar with everyone?s schedule for work. Create a relational database to keep track of their personal information and performance at work.

Design a blueprint of the facility on the computer to determine the nearness of parking. Choose a site where public transportation is nearby. Investigate on the utility restrictions to make sure no codes are broken.

Marketing a facility involves the knowledge, history, and purpose of the facility. Facility marketing requires support and information from all people involved, directly or indirectly, with the facility. ?Facility marketing operations provide increased sales and profitability through defining or targeting their market area, developing positioning strategies, researching consumer needs, and developing a sales and advertising support base? (Farmer, Mulrooney, and Ammon 93). You can find out all of this information with the use of a computer. You can keep track of sales on a spreadsheet, research consumer needs on the Internet, and develop your sales and advertising page. ? These directions can be met by a facility providing a upscale marketing environment that includes advertising, direct selling, image, packaging, market assessment and research, planning, promotion, public relations, and organizational structure to facilitate the process? (Farmer, Mulrooney, and Ammon 93).