Cellular Phones Essay Research Paper Every creature

Cellular Phones Essay, Research Paper

Every creature in the world needs to communicate with another creature from its kind. The insects, for example, have antennas to speak or to understand each other. The dogs, also, have a strong ability of smelling and they realize each other by smelling. For human beings, the communication has different meaning. Human beings are only the ones who can use their minds. So, the human beings, we, have ability of speak and we created our own languages by using our minds. We use these languages to communicate with each other. With the technological developments, these languages also improved and now we have lots of communication tools and mediums that every one of them is and has a language. It is a great thing to see the people in US from Turkey, to read something from European countries in Turkey and also it is greater thing to speak someone, wherever she or he is, from somewhere. It is unbelievable to hear his or her voice, as if he or she was near us. For lots of people the cellular phones are marvelous technology in the human history. Although, they are one of the smallest communication mediums in our life, they keep a lot of services in themselves. Of course, they have both advantages and disadvantages as a medium according to their usage and users with the links that time, place and content.

The cellular phones first started to use in North Europe. The phones with cables did not meet the needs of people. They could only use them while they were in their houses or offices. Furthermore, it was impossible to reach somebody immediately. Another point was that the installation of the cable phones to all around the cities or countries was very expensive and took very long times. Practically, the cable telephones were not useful and did

not enough for the improving technology. Then, the cellular phones made the daily life easier. People can set their messages to the receivers immediately and the messages can be received by the receivers immediately, too. The usage of cellular phones can be linked to the improvements or developments of the industry and business. Because, the ones who were the first users of cellular phones were industry and business world. For these technological communication tools, a satellite was sent to the space to provide sending and receiving the signals of communication. Now, there are many satellites in the space using for cellular phones. The cellular phone lines belongs to the companies, which have right to use these satellites. While using the cellular phones, first the signals reach to these companies operators and then to the satellites. After that, the satellite sends your signals to your receiver. It looks complicated or hard but think about yourself, how many seconds do you wait to connect to your friends?

The focus of Srebery-Mohammadi that how the technology has been adopted and institutionalized and by whom is really different if we talk about cellular phones. The answer of it has very strange stories. For Turkish people the cellular phones are nearly new things. They met with them about six or seven years ago. The first users, again, the people who are from the high society. They did not reach to middle or low classes immediately. At that time, having cellular phones referred to display directly. The one who has it was rich people. Because the cost of the machine and the line were very expensive and the purchase of the people was not enough to buy them. When the importation increased, and the costs decreased, the middle class met with the cellular phones. For traditional Turkish people this technology was very strange and hard. The meeting of low class to cellular phones started with the promotion of newspapers. The newspaper companies used this technology to increase their selling. Nearly, every newspaper company gives cellular phones to people with coupons. So, even the low class people could have. In Turkey, now, there are two cellular phone lines or we can say that two GSM operators. They are both private companies. Turkcell is the older one. It belongs to the owner of the bank Yapi Kredi . The company provides all the financial support from this bank. The second is Telsim that belongs to a holding. Also the owner of this company has three TV channels and one newspaper.

Now, we can see that lots of people have a cellular phone, from the businessman to the workers. May be, we can say that the huge gap between these three classes started to be closer, because, they are sharing the same language , now. From the social side, the inferiority of low class started to disappear. It looks like the example in the book about TV audiences: children may love television because it extents their horizons of experience, because it expands their awareness of adult behavior and attempts to control them .

According to my observations, the brands and the characteristic features of cellular phones are really close to their owners because, this medium is related to very personal communication way. It is an identity also. The people s choices show their own features. For example, there are some cellular phone machines that have games. People, who like entertainment, buy these kinds of phones. When they are alone or bored, these games can be a friend. The images or pictures in the screen refer to the people who are a little bit childish. After this example, there is also another point about cellular phones that they differ people characters. Some people use only speaking. In contrast, others use the message system called SMS. Especially, young people prefer SMS rather speaking directly. Now, we have very different types of messages.

Is there any disadvantage of cellular phones? Of course, yes. There are three main disadvantages of using it. Firstly the cellular phone make a habit for people. They use them every time. They lost themselves. While someone walking on the street and making a conversation can forget the environment and can cause to an accident. In the closed areas, also, in the class or lectures, suddenly it rings. Secondly, the people, especially young people,

can not think about the bill and for their parents it can be a bad surprise. Then, lots of arguments come up. Thirdly, I think it is the most important point, the signals of cellular phones cause to hearth attacks and damage the computer systems of lots of machines, also cars, busses, etc. The stations of the phone lines directly affect the people s health. In Turkey, the government is very careless about these subjects and in every year, a lot of Turkish people dies or hurt because of the carelessness.

As a conclusion, the cellular phones meet our both very personal and social needs. It makes the daily life easier. It connects us to the world. Just a number is enough to speak and hear someone and it is important that people almost need their voice psychologically. The voice is the evidence of being alive. Wherever we are, we can use it. It is not as big as other mass communication products. Also the great services of the companies make us be aware of the world by the new technology called WAP, because it started to be used in the cellular phones. It is for everyone, for every class of people, for every kind of people. It makes us together. It has both phonetic and visual sides. However, we must use it carefully and consciously. It is also a harmful product of communication, especially for our health.

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