Kids Care About

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Kids care about

Kids care about many more things than most people think. The popular misconception these days is that kids only care about themselves or anything that makes them happy. In contrast, many kids care deeply about a wide variety of issues surrounding them, and their input can be very beneficial to solving problems both now and in the future.

Kids care about their families. Kids take pride in their relatives, whether outwardly or to themselves, because they know that these are the people that will stand by them through thick and thin. Kids also know that they have a lot in common with the members of their family, both immediate and extended. In that respect, taking pride in family is a larger version of taking pride in one s self.

Kids care about others. When a child knows someone who is having problems, or maybe just a bad day, that child is one of the first and only people that can brighten that someone s day or life. Kids stick together and are always willing to help each other. This is evident in many schools today in the form of student-led mediation groups. Students can come to other students and talk about their problems at school, at home, or maybe even at work. Kids trust other kids, and kids are willing to be that helping hand to others.

Kids care about their school. If kids did not care about their school, their would be no cheerleaders, no fans at the games, no pep sessions, no participation in extracurricular activities, and no standing up for your school when someone puts it down. When someone talks bad about your school, they are in essence talking bad about you, and many kids are proud of their school and will defend it to others. Kids also care about the well being and future of their schools. Student government and other specialized clubs, such as foreign language or journalism clubs, work together with students and faculty to make their respective programs better for today and tomorrow. These programs together make the school and the students better as a whole.

Kids care about their future. As students go through grade school, and into high school, and then on to college, they all have plans in mind for what they want to do in their future. Most students would like to go on to college or another post-secondary school after high school. Other students want to complete high school and then get a job, or even enlist in the Armed Forces. No matter what they want to do, they all have a set plan for what job they want to do, or what major they want to study. Many students in high school will apply for multiple scholarships, which may entail a number of different essays and financial applications, so that they can go to college and continue their education. The countless hours of writing and typing show how much effort students are willing to contribute to achieve success in the future.

Kids care about the topics surrounding them. Many people are concerned about kids getting into things like smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and having sex, but many kids don t have those things on their daily agenda. In fact, the reason why many kids stray away from these problems are because of other kids. Peer pressure can be a positive thing. Many kids find it stupid and a waste of time to get drunk, or go do drugs, and their opinions carry over to their friends and closely related peers. Kids are aware of the effects and consequences of their actions, and so they choose to stay away from trouble. Kids can talk about these topics with others, both young and old. One way to talk about these topics is through student groups, such as Campus Life, or even a church youth group. Students talk about topics from self-esteem to depression, from sex to marriage, and many other topics that have great effects on them. These groups allow kids to put their input in, as well as hear the opinions of their peers and elders. Many students take these opinions and use them in positive ways that can only help them in life.

Kids care about the world around them. They are very interested in what is happening in the news, locally and globally. In the recent elections, many students were very interested in the results, and many were well-informed about what was happening, especially with the Presidential election. Many students were also eager to vote, and those who were not old enough were anxiously awaiting their chance to have a say in their country s future. Kids care about the problems in other countries as well as their own. Many of the fundraisers that are conducted by students are given to charities in their hometown and across the world. Kids want to make a difference in their world. Service projects to help clean and protect the environment show a great devotion to making the world a better place, even if it is a small piece at a time.

Many kids have the desire to make everyone and everything around them better, so that the people and world around them can be better for today and for the generations to come.


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