How Technology Has Hurt Us Essay Research

How Technology Has Hurt Us Essay, Research Paper

How Technology Has Hurt Us

Although many inventions have helped us and made our lives easier they

have also caused some problems.

With the invention of the car came problems such as air pollution.

Cities are becoming more and more congested with people using their cars even

for short distances. The government is trying to make this better by making

cars pass an emmission control test. Another problem with cars is that hundreds

of people die or get seriously injured each year.

Another technical invention that maybe we would have been better without

is weapons. Although weapons were made to protect our country and keep freedom

it seems to have done the opposite. Drive by shootings are a daily occurence in

our big cities. More people are turning the guns on themselves. Kids bring

guns to school with them for protection against people who may use a gun on them

for retaliation. Politically its divided the nation on whether private citizens

should be able to carry guns.

Disposable items have caused a big garbage problem. We use everything

from disposable pens to disposable diapers. We can stop some of the garbage

problem by recycling.

Air conditioners are using up allot of our electricity. There are times

in the summer when brown outs happen because if our excessive use of the air

conditioners. Freon gets released into our environment.

Today people are being kept alive longer and longer. People that have

no chance of recovery are being kept alive on ventilators. This causes a great

expense to society and an emotional stress on the family. Even though older

people may beg to let them die medicine refuses to let them. This is slowly

changing with living wills.

Even though we love to watch TV it has also caused problems. Some

people say that violence has increased in America because there is too much

violence on television. Family time has become less because people are watching

TV. Kids spend more time locked upstairs in their bedrooms watching TV.

Negative news comes into our living rooms every night.

I would rather try to solve the problems that technology has caused than

not to think of any new ways to make our lives easier.


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