What Can Be Learned About Florida Politics

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A person new to the state of Florida can learn just about everything about Florida politics from the Florida Department of Elections website. One important feature is having access to the Florida Constitution which was revised and then subsequently amended. From this people can learn about the declaration of rights. For example, rights for religious freedom are expressed which may help people new to the state from another country. Another example is in section 8 which provides the right to bear arms which expresses a three day waiting period. The Florida Constitution is similar to the U.S. Constitution but with differences specifically focused on the state of Florida. Another feature of the website is that people can learn about the state electors who cast their vote for the President and Vice President of the U.S. Each state is entitled to a number of electors equal to the number of members of Congress and Senators from the state. Florida has a total of twenty-five electors. These electors that are nominated by the party take an oath to vote for the candidate on whose behalf they are nominated. In Florida, the presidential and vice presidential candidate receiving the most votes will be entitled to have his or her electors certified as members of the electoral college. The electoral process is no doubt a complicated one, but it seems that the website offers much information to help understand the process.

A person can learn about voter registration and party affiliation if they are new to Florida. The information explains that there are four types of primaries currently in USA. 1.) Unitary primary found only in Louisiana, 3.) Blanket primary found only in Alaska and Washington state, 4.) Open primary found in 20 states. Registered voters, regardless of the voter’s party affiliation, may vote in one of either party’s primary. You declare your party choice at the polls on election day, and 5.) Closed primary found in 27 states one of which is Florida. Closed primaries require that only persons registered as members of a party can vote in that party’s primaries. Party affiliation is declared at the time you register. Florida is one of nine states requiring a candidate to receive at least 50% plus 1 vote in the primary in order to become the party nominee. If no candidate received that number of votes, there will be a runoff or second primary. There is definitely enough information on the subject of party affiliation and voter registration that a new person to Florida will become well educated on the subject.

There are many other issues of Florida politics that a new person to Florida might be interested. For example, starting a new business. From this point a person can learn about registering their business. Because registering at the state level may not be the only requirement since local county government may require registration as well. The site also informs a new business owner that the location can have a significant affect on the quality and quantity of a service or product offered by a business. Access to major transportation routes and skilled human resources, or selecting a demographic area for a product or service can have a major impact on a company’s ability to conduct business within the State. Also, depending on the type of business started in Florida, any business that affects the environment of Florida will more than likely be required to account for its impact. Issues such as surface and groundwater quality, wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste disposal, and natural resource habitat protection are just a few of the environmental concerns for which businesses are held accountable. This is just one of many examples of information from the website that a new person to Florida who wants to start a business can learn. For new businesses it focuses on how Florida has become one of the most desirable states in the country in which to conduct business. The State consistently leads the nation in new business incorporations. With one of the largest supplies of business parks, an advantageous business tax system, transportation availability, 14 foreign trade zones, an abundance of electrical power, and a large population of skilled human resources, Florida provides everything that a business requires to function. Overall, it is through the politics of Florida with which business is regulated. So, it coincides with what a person can learn if they are new to the state about Florida politics.

These are just a couple of examples of how a new person to Florida can learn about Florida politics through the website. As mentioned, the information seems endless due to the links of related sites. And, although since Florida politics or any politics is fairly complicated, the website arguably enhances a persons knowledge on any of the issues concerning Florida Politics.

Ben Smith

What can be learned about Florida Politics at the website www.Florida Dept. of Elections.com


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