Rosa Essay Research Paper Miss Catherine oh

Rosa Essay, Research Paper

?Miss Catherine, oh, Miss Catherine, I love this one. It?s definitely my favorite of all your

lovely dresses,? Rosa said.

Rosa was very pretty really. She stood dressed in Catherine?s white traveling wear. The dress

with blue piping around the collar. Her dark skin looked bright and vibrant beside the white twill.

?Oh, Rosa, you have to put on the hat, too! It looks even better with the hat.?

Catherine ran to her wardrobe and pulled out a large brimmed white hat, and placed it on her


?There, now it is perfect!? Catherine screamed with delight. Rosa?s dark eyes peered under the

hat. It looked like a halo gracing her head.

?Oh, Miss Catherine! What if your mom sees us. I need to get out of your clothes this instant,

Miss Catherine.? Rosa said.

?You will do none of the sort! I told you not to call me Miss anything. Call me Cathy for

goodness sake. I should be the one to take a switch after you if anyone for calling me that after I

have asked you not to. We have been over this. Now, stand up straight. Shoulders back! How do

you expect to go up north. You will be a hunchback before you know it standing like that!?

Catherine demanded.

?O?right Miss Catherine. I mean, Cathy. I don?t know why you wanna b?called Cathy

anyway. You?re parents sure did give you a good Christian name. I wish I had your name, Miss


Catherine smirked, and grab another wide-brimmed hat off of her bed.

?Oh, Rosa, Cathy is modern. Don?t you think so, Rosa?.?

?What eva? you say, Miss Cathy,? Rosa replied.

Catherine put her arm around Rosa?s back. They gazed at their reflections. They were so

different, but at the same time so alike.

?Miss Catherine! Look at the time. Edward Johnson will call on you any second! He has

come all the way back from Savannah to see you, Miss Catherine. All the way back after he was

shot. You must hurry and dress.?

?Rosa, obviously there are a few things other than reading and arithmetic that I need to teach

you before you leave. True southern women know how to make men wait…on everything.?

They both turned to each other and died with laughter. Rosa would soon take part in what

she had watched Catherine become. She would be free. On her birthday, on their birthday to be

exact. That was the day, the day that Rosa would become a real lady living on her own. The day

quickly became night.

The grass was warm to Catherine?s feet that night. She ran from the house passing the stable.

Her satchel flying with her. She plopped down in front of a fence and leaned backwards on a

post. The moon gave off a lovely glow, but still she pulled out her candle. It lit up her journal.

She began writing.

Everyone else is asleep. Even my lovely friend Rosa has said good

night to the day. Oh, how thankful I am to have lovely Rosa. Before

I go back to my bed, I thought I would write this as a silent prayer.

For we have been so close. It seems only days before that we were

escaping from my mother and hers to climb the magnolia trees that

line my family?s property. She is only a worker of ours, a slave, but

to me she is my best friend. Over the years, I have found that she is

truly someone to respect. I would watch her as she made up my bed,

and picked up after me. I would see her playing with all of her little

brothers and sisters past the fence where I was not allowed. Soon we

both climbed the fence. We learned from each other. I taught her

how to read and write, while she taught me the importance of

friendship. I do not know how I will manage without her, or her

without me. Her mother nor mine knows of her leaving. My father

will not hear of it. So, it has been a secret between us. I will not have

her stay here and be a slave in my house. I learned from my father?s

letters that she can live free in the north. My only fear is that of the

damn Yankees. How will they treat my dear Rosa? Father only

speaks badly of them. With all of my heart, I pray for her. I dream

every night of her home that she will one day have. Her kitchen filled

with the smell of her wonderful pecan pie, and children with her lovely

brown eyes and brown skin. Our nineteenth birthday is nearing. Only

a one day left with her. I already have a plan for her escape. Soon it

will be morning. I will help her with her reading this one last time.

Then, my friend will be gone. She will be free.

It was all Catherine could do to get into her bed that night. Her heart raced with excitement.

She rehearsed the plan over and over in her head. Catherine continued to pray until the sun rose.

When the time was right, she got out of bed. Catherine stared into the mirror.

Catherine ate her breakfast hurriedly, and headed out to the barn closest to the levee. She

saw Rosa in the yard. Rosa was wearing a pink hand-sewn dress with blue flowers that swayed

with the gentle breeze. Catherine kept walking. She did not want to seem suspicious the

following day when Rosa would be missing from the plantation.

?Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!? Catherine?s mom yelled from the porch.

?Thank you, Momma.? Catherine waved and kept walking towards the barn.

?Honey, we have birthday supper for you at five. Don?t you be late, you hear??

?Okay, I will not be late, Momma.? Catherine replied as she entered the barn.

Sam, Rosa?s brother, was standing at the opposite end of the barn feeding Catherine?s horse

a carrot he had gotten from the garden.

?How ya? doin? Miss Catherine. It sa b?tiful day, isn?t it Miss Catherine??

?Yes, Sam, it is a beautiful day. Are you ready??

?Well, Miss Catherine, I guess I be about as ready as I ever be.? He leaned over and lifted his

boot and exposed all of his life?s earnings. ?You are a good lady, Miss Catherine. A fine young


Catherine smiled, and lead her horse from the barn. ?I?m going to be at the house at five. I

will meet both of you here at half after, okay?? She gave him a hug, and headed towards the river.

It was already five before she knew it.

Back at the house a cup cakes were waiting for her along with her favorite meal, southern

fried chicken. After dinner she excused herself, and ran upstairs. She took the Rosa?s favorite

white dress and stuffed it into a bag. Downstairs, she picked up an extra cup cake in the kitchen.

The screen door slammed behind her as she hurried towards the barn to meet Sam and Rosa.

They were both standing in each other?s arms when she walked through the barn doors. Rosa ran

towards her.

?Oh, Miss Catherine, we can?t say good bye,? Rosa whispered.

?Then we won?t my dear Rosa. We will never say good bye,? Catherine replied as she handed

the bag and cupcake to Rosa. ?Now, go!? Their hands drifted apart as Rosa and Sam faded into

the darkness of the night.

?Rosa, happy birthday!? Catherine shouted desperately.

?Happy, happy birthday to you Miss Catherine!?


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