Blnchinki Essay Research Paper Unprotected sex dirty

Blnchinki Essay, Research Paper

Unprotected sex, dirty needles,pills!!

Now that I have your attention, today I ll be talking to you about the causes and effects on how you can contract this deadly virus.

But first let me start by explaining what Aids/HIV really is and what it does to you once you have contracted the Aids virus. Aids/Aids lowers your immune systems ability to produce the white blood cells and antibodies that protect you from colds, infections, etc. Lowered immunity makes a person vulnerable to attacks from different types of viruses. Such as simple colds, fungi, bacteria may lead to infectious diseases and tumors. Eventually these illnesses may cause death. A simple cold can become deadly to a person who s infected with the Aids virus.

There are many ways you can contract this deadly virus. One is by drug use and the second is having unprotected sex. You can contract Aids by using someone else s contaminated needle during drug use. If the needle your using is a dirty needle that someone else used and had Aids you easily contract Aids from them. Due to the blood that s left in the needle or on the needle from the other person. The second way you can contract the Aids virus is by having unprotected sex or through oral sex. Infection of the virus can occur through anal or vaginal intercourse or oral genital sex with an infected partner. The virus is present in semen and vaginal secretions of an infected person. It enters your body through small tears that can develop in vaginal or rectal tissues during sexual activity. Unsafe sex not only pertains to adults but also to kids and teenagers of all ages. Its doesn t matter how old or young you are, you can contract Aids at any age.

There are many effects of this deadly virus. Aids causes sickness weakness of the body and in most cases death. The body gets weaker and isn t be able to function properly because there aren t enough white blood cells to fight the virus due to the Aids virus. Department of Health and Human Services report that over 1 million people between the ages of 20-39 will be infected wit Aids by the year 2000. The number of ages will drastically increase with deaths in all age groups reaching 70,000 per year. By the year 2005, 350 people a day will die from the virus.

Many people believe that the medicines we have today can cure the Aids virus or stop it from spreading. Medicine for Aids patients are economically expensive, and don t always work. Statistics show that the cost per patient for treatment costs as much as $2,918. Throughout the years statistics show that $540 million dollars have gone for the prevention of the Aids virus, $580 million dollars to services and care of the virus and $130 million dollars for research about Aids. People that are infected with the Aids virus take as much as 15 pills a day. Almost all the pills have bad side affects on the people s bodies. Headache, stomach viruses, weakness, cold sores, fevers, coughs, are some of the side affects the medicines may have on one s body. AIDS is not a JOKE!

Next time you re in a situation that involves sexual activity wear a condom, protect yourselves. Stay away from contaminated needles.


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