Business Organization Report For The Job Application

Report on the job application process as part of the business organization coursework.

Report compiled by Kwok Yau Chen, Foundation Group Z member.

3rd June 2000

1.0 Terms of Reference

On Thursday, 20th May, Ms.Ross, Business Organization tutor commissioned a report on the job application process as part of the foundation coursework. The aim of this coursework is to apply for an imaginary job at St.Andrew’s, attend the interview as an individual, to attend and run an interview as a team and to produce a portfolio of evidence about the assignment in the form of a report. The report is to be submitted by the 8th June 2000 to be marked and assessed. Recommendations are not applicable in this report.

2.0 Procedures

2.1 Explanation and outline of the coursework by Ms.Ross.

2.2 Telephone interview conducted.

2.3 A meeting was held and the group worked together as a team.

2.4 Author was then interviewed by Group Y members.

2.5 Author later interviewed Group Y members.

2.6 Report was written up.

3.0 Findings

3.1 The coursework assignment was given out by Ms.Ross for the students in the class to look over and enquire about anything that was uncertain. This included the outline of the coursework, what was to be expected at the end of it and a copy of the imaginary job advertistment The assignment was clear and there were little problems or questions in that area.

3.2 Author made a telephone call as required and spoke to the college secretary to enquire about the job and request for an application form. Details of the conversation are included.

3.3 A meeting was held on the 31st May 2000 and the following show what was achieved during that time.

3.3.1 A copy of the agenda was made available to all the members of the group.

3.3.2 A personnel specification was created by all members of the group present during that time and also made available to all members of the group.

3.3.3 A list of general questions were done up to ask Group Y when it was Group Z’s turn to hold and run the interview.

3.3.4 The role of each team member was defined and agreed by all members of the group.

3.3.5 The location and time of the interview was held and agreed by Ms.Ross. (1st June 2000, 4.00 p.m.)

3.3.6 Minutes of the meeting were then photocopied and made available to all the group members.

- 1 -

3.4 As the author was to be interviewed by Group Y member’s, several preparations were first made.

3.4.1 The application form was received together with an information sheet about the school. This was studied carefully and filled in upon collection and later returned to the college secretary.

3.4.2 A book was purchased at titled Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions. This was to help the author to further familiarise himself in the job application process.

3.4.3 A curriculum vitae, executive briefing and the letter of application was created with help from the aforementioned book and a word processor.

3.4.4 Informal discussions were held with team members on the questions that would most likely be asked and the way it should be answered.

3.4.5 On the day of the interview, the author dressed up referring to the book and followed a few guidelines. The suit worn should never be black unless applying for an undertaker’s job. Always wear a long sleeved shirt. Always wear only a white, cream or pale blue shirt. Wear a tie that compliments a suit. Not matches it. Shoes should either be only black leather or brown leather. Etc.

3.4.6 Arrived 10 minutes before the interview.

3.4.7 The author was then interviewed for 15 minutes and thus finishing one part of the job application process.

3.5 The interview of Group Y members were carried out at 4 p.m. 1st June 2000. Before the interview got underway, Group Z members collected in their application forms and studied them, targeting specific questions at certain people.

3.5.1 One member of Group Y made many typos and careless mistakes (e.g.: not signing the letter of application).

3.5.2 After the member’s of the group and the examiners (Ms.Ross & Mrs. Williams) were seated, the interview proceeded in a orderly manner.

3.5.3 For each interviewee, mostly the same set of questions were asked systematically before heading off individually to questions that were derived from examining their c.v.

3.6 The report for the whole job application process was then required to be written up by all the members of Group’s Y & Z as part of the individual course. Many students had problems, as they had not made spare copies of any documentation that was misplaced or scribbled on during the job interviews. The teams worked together in helping each other retrieve each other’s documentation.

4.0 Conclusion

The job application process for the business organization coursework has provided the author with invaluable experience to help him harness the necessary skills that he can practically apply to his actual job application process in the future. He has also learnt that teamwork may be difficult and can only be achieved with the active participation of all members involved. In a nutshell, this coursework has given the author both experiences by looking at the interview from an interviewees and interviewers perspective to further enhance the experience of applying for a job.


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