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Michael Jordan Essay, Research Paper

Michael Jordan

Twenty-four seconds left on the shot clock. Fans in the Utah Jazz s Arena (the Delta Center) sitting on the edge of their seats while Michael Jordan dribbles the ball down the floor; he does a killer crossover on Bryan Russell of the Utah Jazz. Michael pulls up for the game winning shot and sinks it with 5.2 seconds left in the game. The Chicago Bulls won the championship. Michael has done that a lot during his NBA career, and there is a lot to know about him: his hard work to make it to the NBA, his greatest achievements, and his retirement from the NBA. Michael Jordan is considered the best basketball player that ever played in the NBA.

Michael Jordan was a young boy who liked playing sports, he mostly focused on playing basketball. James is Michael s dad, he played professional basketball, which influenced Michael to play baseball. Basketball wasn t the only sport Michael played, he also played football in high school. Michael was a quarterback until he got hurt and Delores is Michael s mom told

Michael to stop playing football. That s when Michael became interested in basketball. Michael played basketball at Laney High School. After he was finished with high school, Michael went to North Carolina college and played for the basketball team. He won a national championship there when Michael made the game winning shot. When Jordan entered the NBA he won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest twice and played for the Dream Team. Spain s coach stated in the book Sports Great Michael Jordan Revised Edition that Michael Is a rubber man. He s not human (Aaseng 26).

Jordan had a lot of great achievements. Michael achieved five NBA MVP awards, led the league in scoring ten times, won an NCAA championship with the Tar Heels, was selected by the Chicago Bulls, won six NBA championships, and won two gold medals at the Olympics. Michael achieved all that by working hard. Jordan stated that, Whenever I was working out and got tired and figured I ought to stop. I d close my eyes and see that list in the locker room without my name on it. (Larry Schwartz ESPN.com)

On October 6, 1993 Michael Jordan retired from the NBA. Michael said in the book Sports Great Michael Jordan Revised Edition that I m never coming back to play basketball (Aaseng 50). The Chicago Bulls struggled without Michael s stats. Mike joined the Chicago White Sox. Jordan joined

baseball to follow in his father s foot steps. But he wasn t very good at baseball so Jordan quit and went back to the NBA. When Air Jordan came back to the Bulls, he mad a huge impact on the team, they started winning more games. After Mike won his sixth championship he retired for the second time, but this time it was for good.

Michael Jordan is considered the best basketball player to ever play in the NBA. Michael is considered the best ever because his hard work to make it to the NBA, his greatest achievements, and ability to return from retirement and still be the best. Michael Jordan s hard work has definitely paid off, because he is named the best basketball player to play in the NBA, and to have beat a lot of records. From Michael s first game winning shot to his last game winning shot he is considered the best basketball player to ever play the game of basketball.


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