Marketing Essay Research Paper Marketing is the

Marketing Essay, Research Paper

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

What I am going to talk about it is a new market, the Internet.

Clients want problems solved. They want opportunities created. They want an agency that saves them time and money, a partner that stays a step ahead.

Serving clients in this manner means creating a working link between traditional public relations and Internet communications. After all, the Internet is changing the very nature of communications, demanding integrated communications that cut through the clutter.

It means seeing beyond the obstacles that has separated communications disciplines like public relations and advertising.

The text below is an example of a company, TheJelly, who does a service of promotion and place for another companies in the Internet.

TheJelly is a full-service public relations agency and Interactive PR Studio. Founded in 1998 by two senior communications professionals, Bob McWade and Jim Murphy.

TheJelly provides clients with a more efficient, effective and accountable model for delivering public relations services in today s global technology economy. They blend traditional public relation practices, grounded in business knowledge, writing skills and media contracts, with the speed, critical thinking, creative energy and production values of the Internet.

TheJelly promotes your company or product in the Internet. Probably you are asking why. It s because some 150 million people worldwide have access to the Web, with half of them in the United States. While it took television 12 years and radio 35 years to reach 50 million people users, it took the Internet only four years. The Internet has suddenly become the first place to turn for news and information 24 hours a day. Indeed, the number of Americans getting their news online has more than tripled in just two years.

The Internet represents the greatest change to mass communication since the invention of the printing press. TheJelly has developed a new agency model, the first interactive PR studio, to help their clients penetrate the clutter of the Internet with creative online promotions that work very well in traditional media.

As you can see, the Internet has arrived to the business where anyone in the World can see you company or product. You can reach markets beyond the United States. Your company or product is worldwide now.

The Promotion in the Internet is quite difficult. The key to success in this new realm is to blend some of the best thinking and practices on the public relations, advertising and Internet business. The artificial barriers that have separated these businesses are rapidly eroding under the weight of the Internet. The focus should be on producing great communications, which, by its very nature, blends the speed, reach and frequency of the Internet. The news value of public relations and the creativity of advertising.

As and interactive PR studio, TheJelly develops digital feature promotions that advance your core messages, combining words and images to built brand and generate publicity online. They call this out of the jar thinking. The buzz they create on line is readily converted into traditional media coverage, since most major media have online publications and since traditional journalists rely so heavily on the Internet.

It means being efficient and productive, focused and fast, creative and committed. Above all, however, it means being totally accountable to the client.


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