Millenium Technology Essay Research Paper As we

Millenium Technology Essay, Research Paper

As we wake our way into the new Millenium, scientists are becoming more aware of the new advancements in society technologically. Keeping up to date is mandatory, because the more breakthroughs there are; the more pressure scientists have, politically, financially, and socially.

Will the Canadian dollar ever rise in value? This is one of the major financial pressures scientists have to day. Importing major key items is our problem because our dollar is not equivalent to our neighbor?s (U.S.A.). If am unbelievable scientific breakthrough was to occur, running to our government for financial help would not be an option. For the government has to worry about the National debt and making individuals happy. To make something new, money is needed, almost like if you decided build a model airplane form a kit, or make your own. To make and create your own would be more expensive. Recently a scientific breakthrough was made involving rocket ships and solar powered satalights. The new invention was a ?$48 million program funded by the U.S. (1)?. The thought was to save some money when building the model, but the cost couldn?t be shaved one bit. A plan to build a model half the size could not be introduced until 2004, but the scientist wonders if the idea would have already been taken. These examples are just some of the financial pressures scientists have to deal with.

Recently we have been hearing more about the topic of cloning. Millions of dollars every day are put towards the advancement of these technologies. But scientists are faced with many political problems, preventing the extensive continuation on the technology. Views of the public have made the outcome of the breakthrough questionable. Questions like, weather religion will be a political problem and weather the idea is morally correct have been raised. These political factors prevent scientists from discovering new methods and ways to cologne, and are political holdbacks for scientists.

Almost like a competition, the fight for the cure for aids is taking place. Scientists are all working there hardest to find a cure. Recently, there have been possible plans for a good outcome with finding the cure, but no one knows the long-term affects so society is questioning the possibility.

For example, genetically modified foods have become more modern in our eating habits. The government invests and funds for the further research, but green peace and other organizations describe the long-term affects concerning health risks and environmental issues as being dangerous. These organizations are preventing and making a major holdback in scientific breakthroughs socially.

Science is becoming more popular. More people want to learn in the field of science. The following explains some of the political, social and financial pressures that scientists have to deal with everyday. And explains in detail some examples of holdbacks for future investments and extensive research on some fields.



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