Report On Sony Essay Research Paper The

Report On Sony Essay, Research Paper

The huge company called Sony was named after two words. The first word was sonus, which means sonic or sound and the second word was sonny, which means little son. The combinations of the two words mean a very small group of young people who have the energy and passion toward unlimited creation.

Masura Ibuka came up with the idea in 1946 right after World War II. His main motive was to set up a company to create a steady work environment where engineers who truly appreciate technology and realize their common mission and work to their heart?s content. He tried to figure out ways to motivate individuals so they will unite on a common plane and to use their technological powers without any reserve. They had little testing equipment and parts from Japan Precision Instrument and had very little capital also because it was right after the war and Japan was in debt and in the hole. He believed that with their aspirations and confidence mixed in with their unity and technological knowledge they could break through and become very strong and positive.

When they started their operations they found out that Japan really needed a company like theirs to help them out of the hole they were already in. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications really needed help because they had plans for all-wave receivers for the public but needed a company to produce them. They were very close with the ministry because of the war; they started getting large orders for vacuum-tube voltmeters. After that they started getting proposals and requests for new product research and for test trials. They also received a lot of requests to make quality parts for university scholars, research laboratories and enterprises with the same intentions as Mr. Ibuka. With the increase in demand they became even more determined to produce equipment to increase Japan?s capital and equipment. They became very successful in a short period of time after they were founded. They were happy because their roles and functions they wanted to produce helped play a role in Japan?s reconstruction.

Their purpose for incorporation was to establish a perfect factory that stressed freedom and open-mindedness. They also wanted to reconstruct Japan and to elevate the country?s technological and manufacturing industries. They wanted to produce high-quality radios and provide services that were meaningful for the coming eras. Their management policies were that they wanted to eliminate unfair profit seekers. They wanted to stay small and advance technologically and grow in areas where other companies could not. They will be very selective in the products they make and will be open to any challenges that came to them. They want to keep employment small and not have jobs for the mere sake of just having them. They want to emphasize on employees ability, so they work up to their potential.

They had three different managing departments. The first was the service department. They knew the spread of all-wave receivers in society and the introduction to household appliances and televisions and they wanted to make sure they were at peak quality. At that time there were not many radio technological service providers in Japan. The ones that were there were not able to fulfill what their name stands for. When there was going to be an introduction of high quality receivers in the future, the small and inferior companies would disappear. The only companies that would appear would be companies that merged with major hardware manufacturers. Mr. Ibuka had in mind was that his company would plan to provide the best service by using its technological skills and measuring instruments. They developed a device, which will convert the customer?s hand held receivers into all-wave receivers. By that June, they planned to make about 500 of those products for about 400,000 yen. Their first goal was service and profit came after service. We remained responsible for fixing any problems that they faced no matter how hard or complicated they were. They were determined to make develop and plan high quality receivers, electronic parts and household appliances. Their second department was Measuring Instrument Department. Only a few companies made measuring instruments needed to produce and repair radios. There were even a smaller amount of radio dealers that were able to repair products with those instruments. There profits were high because there were few input materials and they had high selling prices for those materials and products. The vacuum tube voltmeter or VTVM was used to measure ultra short waves was made because of the hard work they put in to their products. It was determined that it was one of the best products when the product was brought back to the United States. They also planned to produce a special high quality measuring instruments that would allow even the most untrained radio shop people to be able to perform analysis on high quality radios. The last department was the communication equipment department. This department would help the company grow in the future by performing research and develop special communication equipment.

They started developing new products like the recordable letter communication device. This device was made to ease the burden of remembering communication signals for pilots during the war. The only problem was that the war ended before this product was on the market. Another method for this device was to read output on a tape when the transmission was done after a message was sent. Telephone companies to send telegraphs over phone lines could use the device. Another product made was program selection and reception method. First, the sender began the program with a sound that is different then the actual program. The listener also needs the program to detect the different sounds. The listener can simply press the sound that corresponds to the program that they want to listen to. The radio would shut off automatically when the message was over. This is the beginning of many products and technological advances and products that the forming Sony Corporation would produce.

Sony was one of the first companies to have the best technological products creating many new advancements changed the world we live in. In 1960, the first world transistor television was put in the market. In 1963, the first transistor, compact size VCR was put on the market. In 1979, the headphone stereo CD player could be bought by the public. In 1992, the public could buy the minidisc system. In 1996, the coolest ever made was finally able to be bought by the public finally came out and that was the FD Trinitron. The FD Trinitron was a flat display television. In 1997, the DVD player came out and would be a huge college necessity in dorm living. In the new century, the 21st century, Sony came out with Playstation 2 witch will most likely be the newest

product to revolutionize the world like other past Sony inventions. Playstation 2 is a video game system plus DVD player all in one. It has accessibility to the Internet; you can also play CD?s on it and play old Playstation games on it as well. Playstation is a stepping-stone for new technological combination of different entertainment systems.

Instead of just having a television you will have a television with a CD player in it or have a DVD player instead of a VCR installed already in it. There have been flaws to Playstation already. The Playstation console does not have enough parts to produce as many consoles as they projected. With less consoles many people who have already paid $394 to $599 for Playstation 2 have not got it yet. The supply and demand is very irregular because of the shortage of consoles. They believed that 3 million consoles would be shipped by the end of the year and 1 million be released by October 26. Sony revised the schedule a month later saying that a specific component is having shortages so they cut the product outcome to 1.3 million by the end of the year and 500,000 will be shipped out by October 26. With the shortage of consoles, there are poor game sales because of it. They lowered the price of games from $63 to $52. Sony announced that its year-over-year profit for the quarter declined 57% because of the lack of productivity of Playstation 2 consoles. Electronic Arts, the producers of the Playstation games are also hurting because consumers will not buy the games because not enough Playstation 2 consoles were produced and sold. There are no blockbuster toys out this Christmas, so Playstation 2 was the thing to have this Christmas but because of the shortage not many families will be able to hive it to their kids.

Today the Sony Corporation headquarters is located in 7-35 Kitashinagawa 6-chome, Shinagawa-ku in Tokyo, Japan. The CEO, Chairman and Representative Director is Nobuyuki Idei, the President, COO and Representative Director is Kunitake Ando and the Executive Deputy President, CFO and Representative Director is Teruhisa Tokunaka. Their capital is 451,550,454,641 yen as of March 31,2000. The Sony Corporation develops, produces and sells electronic equipment, instruments and devices for consumer and professional markets. Sony also produces, manufactures and distributes recorded music through music through Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in Japan. In the past three months, the Sony stock has dropped about 35 points from September 9th to December 4th. The reason why the stock has dropped is because the stock splits about twice this year. It is unbelievable how much money you can make by buying stock in Sony. Another reason why the stock has dropped was because of the shortage of Playstation 2 consoles and because of the low numbers of demand of games also because of the shortage of Playstation 2 consoles. Sony makes other types of electronics but the kind of put all their eggs in one basket and expected to make a lot of money off of Playstation 2.

Sony Corporation has become very huge in the past 30 years. They started of as a dream by a little Japanese man right after World War II. He was just trying to help Japan reconstruct but out of it came a huge multi billion-dollar corporation. Sony has made our society very strong and very technologically sound. Sony is a stepping-stone for other companies and they will modernize our economy and the way technology and everyday uses come into play. It makes entertainment more versatile and easier to purchase the products because now they are combining different forms of entertainment or leisure activities. They are modernizing the way we live and what we do. Sony is building a pathway for other different technological advances.

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