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Critique Essay Research Paper This critique is

Critique Essay, Research Paper

This critique is divided into three sections: structure, content, and positive attributes.

On the basis of structure the essay is not of high caliber. This is primarily because the thoughts within each paragraph did not correlate to the topic sentence. Within each subtopic the paragraphs supports were also separated and organized poorly. The introduction and body paragraphs of the essay seem to be decent for the situation and time restrictions enforced. They both have an organized thought process that was carried out and accomplished what should be done of an introduction and conclusion. If structure was the primary emphasis in the paper, the essay was not well written. A result of a poorly structured essay indicates why the premise and content of the issue written on was not as solid and developed as it could have been.

Content is a broad term but as used in this paragraph and this critique it has to do with the analytical and factual support given by the essayist. Considering that the thesis was vague and ambiguous the writer did not have much to start with. This is primarily because the topic in the thesis could have been about one of many aspects dealing with Gatsby s heroic appeal. At a point the essay reaches a period where the reader cannot decipher if the remainder of the essay has now been changed to the topic of time or time is merely a support. This shows that the essay content was all over the place with no one topic that could characterize the essay in its ntirety. On the contrary there were many good point made but they were, as indicated before, not delivered in a good fashion therefore dulling the effect of there message. To sum up content it can be said that the essay was on a whole not great because the main topic was not clarified and therefore the essay was not effectual in its content along with its structure.

Lastly, there were some positive aspects about the essay on the whole. The essay did contain quotes in support of the topic and did have some reasonably strong supports. The ideas were delivered in a fashion that was readable and the grammar was very good and had very minimal if not any errors. Each paragraph was written in the eleven sentence structure which it was supposed to be written in and did have a conclusion at the end of it. The transitions between ideas were smooth and clean. The paragraphs themselves were not out of order, but as mentioned before, the data that they had within them was not in proper structure and order. The vocabulary was good considering that the essayist was not permitted to use a thesaurus. The essay was not too verbose and was not too simple and contained adequate sentence length and structure.

Overall, the essay had some good ideas that were both applicable and not applicable to the topic, however the problem with these ideas was that they were not conveyed good enough for the reader to grasp. Lack of structure and the lack of focusing on one subject matter is what degraded the essay from what potentially could have been very well written to what it ultimately became.

How My Essays Have Changed

Over the course of my Junior High and High School years my essay writing has changed dramatically. It the early years of my seventh grade, 5 line paragraphs would suffice. Also my thesis would merely state what the main topic of my three body paragraphs were going to be. Soon I advanced to the five paragraph solid essay, where conclusions with nice exits seemed to be the center of concentration. The body seemed to be the same but now quotes also had to be added and the thesis only summed up the events in the essay. Personally, from then onwards till where I am right now I developed dramatically in my own writing technique. Now I phrase my ideas in a unique matter and use vocabulary to a point to where my writing does not sound too simple or too verbose. Thus, over the course of five years there have been drastic changes in my writing style and manner, but to pin point a period where I have developed most it has been this year where I learned how to structure my thoughts and ideas.

The introduction does state all the essential information such as the author, piece of work, and a valid thesis statement. The thesis statement was broad too the point that it could be considered vague. However, what it clearly mentioned was in the body paragraphs that followed. It is also important to note that the

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