One Of The Few Constants In The

World Is Change Essay, Research Paper

One of the Few Constants in the World is Change Few things in the world today are constant. From the styles we wear to the political ideals we uphold, nothing stays the same for long. In a sense, one of the few constants in the world is change. Many people constantly worry about change, but the truth of the matter is that change is essential in any healthy and growing society. The law of the jungle still applies today. Only the strongest and fittest can survive! In order to advance, we must change. In today s world, we re always looking for something better and bigger! People are constantly trying to get ahead in life, to get an advantage over the competition. Industries try to produce a better product for less money, while doctors race to find a medicine that can combat disabling and fatal diseases. The only way to make it is to change faster than the competition. In fact, competition means change! Today s world requires that we change constantly to get better, in order to stay ahead of the competition and … to be sure that our future is secure. Our lives are enhanced by change. It s what keeps us going. If everything remained the same, day after day, life would be a monotonous journey. Can you imagine waking up to 95 weather every day? Or doing the same chore every day for the rest of your life? It s this desire for change that leads to progress. It has produced more economical computers, life-saving childhood vaccinations, and even indoor plumbing! The possibilities of change are exhilarating! This decade of environmental awareness, new educational developments, and exciting scientific discoveries can lead our generation to change the world for the better. The possibilities are endless: world peace, a cure for AIDS and cancer, fewer homeless and efficient welfare reform, an end to teen pregnancies and drug abuse!

While some may wish to cling to an unchanging world, they themselves are actually changing with it. Although sometimes change comes so slowly we do not realize it until it has already happened, we must change to survive. We constantly adapt our lives to meet our needs under new circumstances in a changing society. But unfortunately there are times when change is not a positive thing. Downsizing and the expansion of technology often cost jobs. Changes in technology, science, and the media sometimes ask us to compromise our values. These are the times when we pull ourselves together to stand up for our beliefs of the past. Undoubtedly the world is changing, and we are forced to slowly change with it if we wish to succeed. But we must cope with change and not be dominated by it. We must change and remain constant at the same time. As we adapt our lives to function in our society, we must also cling to the important values and traditions of the past; we must respect our history. America must work to insure that change is positive. by


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