Sarah Plain And Tall Essay Research Paper

Sarah, Plain And Tall Essay, Research Paper

The novel Sarah, Plain and Tall was written by Patricia MacLachlan. This is is a wonderful story about two littlekids who have lost their mother, a father, and a woman named Sarah who journeys west to start a new life for herself. She comes on a trial basis to live with a family on the prairie. The time this story took place was long ago because they had wagons and lived and did things the old fashion way. It takes place on a farm in the country on prarie grasslands. Caleb and Anna’s mother had died after Caleb was born. The whole family was vey sad. However, Caleb did not really remember anything about her. One day, Caleb decided that he wantedto ask Anna, his sister, if their mother had sang very well. Anna did not really want to talk about he mother because she was still sad about her mother’s death. She really missed her. But Caleb said that it would help him to remember her voice. She told him that her mother sang well and very beautifully at dusk.

Later on the whole family gathered all around the dinner table. Their father was taliking and had told them that he had a placed an ad in the newspaper for a wife. He thought the children needed a mother and it was a little lonely around the house. He would be glad to have a woman in the house. A while later he recieved a letter in response to his ad. He was very excited that someone was interested in comming to live with him. The mail was from a woman whose name was Sarah. She mentioned that she lived in Maine. In the letter she said she would be comming on a train. She also said in her letter that she would be wearing a yellow bonnet and would be plain and tall. she was planning to stay for one month.

On the day she arrived, she met the whole family. They were all waiting outsid to greet her. She was welcomed very nicely and everybody loved her. She had a little cat with her whose name was Seal. She named her cat that because she was gray just like the seals in the ocean and the name fit her perfectly. She was very fond of him and loved him with all her heart. During the time that Sarah was staying with the family, a huge storm came and wrecked everything The fields were ruined. Almost everything that their father had worked for was gone. He was very sad. However he wanted to rebuild the place. He finally was starting to feel like a family again now that Sarah was there and he wasn’t about to give that up.

The whole family was very fond of Sarah and wanted her to stay. The children learn many things from Sarah but they are afraid she will not stay with them. She told the that she wanted to go home because she missed the beautifil sea, her brother, and her aunts. Finally, Sarah does decide to stay and she tells the family that she will always miss the sea, but she would certainly miss them a lot more.

Sarah wanted to learn how to drive father’s wagon. At first he didn’t want her to so he said no, but then she got her way and he let her. One day when Sarah decided to take the wagon to town all by herself, the children and father became very frightened because they all thought that she was going to leave them. Father decided that he wanted to go and look for her. He found put that she had sold her ticket. The very same ticket that was her ride back home. She decided to stay afterall. The children and father were very very happy.

I thought this book was okay. It didn’t have any action in it and it wasn’t very exciting. It was a good family book about love and trust. The thimg I really like about this book and think is wonderful is the way Sarah gives up everything to live with the father and children. That takes a lot of devotion. This book had a lot of feeling in it. The feelings between the father and Sarah got stronger with each passing day. They start to fall in love with each other. The children adored her just as if she were there real biological mother. It had a very good ending. I would not reccomend this book to people who like books with action or much adventure, but I would reccomend this book to people who enjoy reading about family life and happy endings.

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