Observation Os The Sport Fan Essay Research

Observation Os The Sport Fan Essay, Research Paper

Behavior Observation

There is something that occurs across this country every Saturday,Sunday,and even Monday from September to January. You might have guessed correctly that I m talking about football. On these day s of the week there are hundreds of football games played on the level of midgets all the way to professionals. Every weekend millions of men around the country sit in there living rooms from pregame to the final play of Sunday night football. This is a time for men of all ages to come together with all their friends and have a good time watching football.

As the men are siting and watching you can see that there is something about the sport that brings out the fan in everyone. If you sit and watch you ll see that every play will bring out some emotional response from the people that are watching the game. These emotions can be seen in the face of all viewers. These emotions extend back to the time in the their life when they had no worries and football was fun. To the times when they went out into the back yard to play a game of football with all of their friends, maybe even the same friends that are sitting there watching the game with them now. They seek to rekindle that fun in their lives, to remember that they did that same thing once.

When the men are sitting there watching They are constantly jumping up and down and showing various degrees of excitement for the team that they are cheering for. When a man sits down to watch a football game he turns into a completely different person. All of a sudden he turns into a football watching machine.

This interest in a sport can be traced back to the days when he was a child. You may ask yourself how can the viewing of a sport change the whole persona of a person. When a man sits and watches football his attention is based wholly on the sport at that time. The behavior that he exhibits is much different from that that he would normally exhibit when just watching TV. If you look at this person’s face you can know what s happening in the game without even watching the TV. Their facial expressions will tell you every first down, every penalty, and every score.

When their team is doing well do we look of happiness on their face. Their eyes will light up, they talk to their friends about how great the games going. You could see a sense of excitement in their face. They casually sip at their beer. When things are going bad for their team there is a look of distress, anger, worry to be read on their face. As things are getting worse for their team nervousness sets in. You can see them begin to sweat. Rather than sitting there calmly drinking they begin to drink quickly to drown out their sorrows from the pain of losing. If things start going better, the painful look in their eyes disappears and is replaced by the happiness that we saw before. The extremes of this behavior are far apart. On the losing end in some situations you’ll even see men cry. On the other end of the spectrum, if the man’s team wins, you’ll see a man happier and more joyful than you’ll probably ever see him again.

Watching football is something that every man does and is part of their lives. In a way they watch just to remind themselves of the way their life used to be. This is a behavior that is exhibited in households across the country every weekend of the fall.


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