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Hannibal Review Essay, Research Paper

Movie Review


Hannibal is a wonderful movie. I wonderful movie is a movie that is well thought out, and has a good flowing plot. Many people think this is a scary movie. I found Hannibal to be a very suspenseful and an intriguing film. Anthony Hopkins, a brilliantly outstanding actor, portrays a psychotic killer named Dr. Hannibal Lector s. Doctor Lector is not a normal killer instead he is a deep and complex genius.

The movie is well thought out. The music and sounds were awesome and lifelike! Whenever there was a gruesome part (as when Dr. Lector is lifting the skull off of a brain) the sounds fit the part in such detail the entire Movie Theater could be heard gasping. Many gruesome parts happened. As when Dr. Lector tied an inspector, trying to kill him, to a column. Then, Dr. Lector sliced open the inspector s stomach, and threw the hanging body over a balcony pouring out his intestines. This is a perfect sequel. There are not many sequels that I like more then the original.

Now, here is why this movie was good and better then Silence of the Lambs. Silence of the Lambs didn’t appeal to me. I did not see it until I found out we was going to see Hannibal. Even before Hannibal came out all my friends were talking about how good Silence of the Lambs was, but when I finally saw the movie, the movie didn’t appeal to me as much as most other movies. Silence of the Lambs reminded me of an awful lot of the Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell except it carried more violence. Silence of the Lambs, on the other hand, only really had one graphic horror scene. When I saw the movie I thought, this is what the big hype was over it was not that good. When I finally saw Hannibal, I was amazed on how much better I liked it than Silence of the Lambs.

Hannibal has some graphic parts almost the entire way through unlike Silence of the Lambs. It has lots of graphic horror violence but easily handled. Most of the real violence does not occur until the end of the movie. The movie was pretty gruesome and I think that the movie is a recommended hit. The end of the movie, myself, is somewhat predictable if you have already seen Silence of the Lambs.

I strongly recommend that you go out and see the movie Hannibal. It will leave you with a gruesome picture but other then that you will be satisfied with what you watched. Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore make these characters come alive. It is defiantly worth the $7.50 and the trip to watch this outstanding movie.

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