Joan Of Arc 2 Essay Research Paper

Joan Of Arc 2 Essay, Research Paper


Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d Arc in French) was born on the year of 1412, in Domremy,

France. Born into a family of four other brothers and sisters, Joan never learned to read

and write. At the age of thirteen, she began to hear celestial voices; at least that is what

she believed. Soon, she became convinced that the voices belonged to Saint Michael,

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, and Saint Margaret. These voices began to tell Joan

about what she must soon carry out.

During the Hundred Years War, the heavenly voices soon exhorted Joan to help

Charles, who later became King Charles VII of France. She went to him during the time

when England was about to capture Orleans. Joan convinced the King-to-be that she

was commanded by God to lead a divine mission in order to save France. At only 17

years of age, she was given troops to command, and was sent to Orleans, where she

lead her army to a successful victory over the English. She returned to Charles VII, and

was there in time to stand by him as he was crowned the new King of France. Joan s

next mission was to conduct a military operation against the English in 1430, in

Compiegne. While there, Burgundian soldiers captured her, and held her for ransom to

France. When King Charles VII refused to pay the price to free her, the Burgundian

soldiers sold Joan to the English. While in England, a court sentenced Joan to life in

prison, for wearing masculine clothes, and for being responsible directly to God, instead

of the Roman Catholic Church. Ignoring this, Joan resumed in wearing masculine

clothes, but this time, she was proclaimed a witch by the court, and was sentenced to

death, at the stake. Her prosecution was held at Rouen’s Old Market Square, in France.

While being driven to the stake, Joan requested for a cross, which she received, and

held it, while praying. She was the burned, and her ashes were thrown into the river,

since she was not allowed a formal Christian burial.

Joan did a lot for France, before her death in 1431. During the Hundred Years

War, England had taken much of France. Joan of Arc had won key battles for France,

and gave it the strength to eventually win the war. After many years, in 1920, Joan of Arc

was finally canonized, and became known as a Saint, from then on.


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