Energy Essay Research Paper Electricity is the

Energy Essay, Research Paper

Electricity is the fuel and catalyst for so many peoples worldwide. What started as an experiment in Edison s laboratory has grown to mammoth proportions as we it today. Nuclear power, introduced in the late 50s, was thought by many to be the answer to all of our energy needs. Both source s developments have pushed humanity to advanced places and beyond the question is how far?

Dams across the nation are huge electric generators used to fuel electricity to many cities and towns. These dams house huge turbines that are turned by falling water. The way these turbines work is quite simple, as water passes through the dam and falls through these pedals, which turn these turbines the turbines then create static electricity, which is harnessed and housed for future use. Although looked upon as an ancient method of electricity conducting it s the most economic and natural method of creating electricity.

Nuclear power, however, is much on the opposite end of the spectrum using complex methods this power is never-ending and very dangerous. Nuclear power is conducted using huge chambers that look like humongous steal spheres that have plugs coming in and out of it. In the chamber are small particles flying around hitting each other creating massive amounts of released energy. The problem being is that these particles never lose their kick and can continue going for a very long time if their process is disrupted in any way this nuclear substance within the sphere may leak and begin mixing with other particles in the air outside. Now creating a bigger problem nuclear decay that is extremely harmful for humans and even fatal if exposed for too long a period. For example, a nuclear core (sphere) wasn t handled as directed and cracked creating a leak in Chernobyl which resulted in a nuclear reaction burning everything in sight and releasing nuclear ash into the air.

Today, another type of energy is being research cold fusion. This energy would come from water and reacted to release ten times what nuclear power could ever release in its lifetime. Yet, it remains to be discovered and many scientists believe it will never be achieved.

In conclusion, all of these different energy sources have all contributed the further advancement of civilization. Harnessed for its ability to excite different things, electricity has proven to an important ingredient in the recipe of future life. Electricity has provided the means to understand computerization and the understanding of different sciences on multiple levels. Too, believed to be electricity s greatest contribution, is to the understanding of medicine.


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