Antigone Essay Research Paper Creon is the

Antigone Essay, Research Paper

Creon is the tragic hero in the play Antigone by Sophocles. A tragic hero must a major character that shows high rank and is generally respected as courageous. The character shows nobility but has a fatal flaw or fatal flaw in judgment. The tragic hero will have an unhappy ending. Despite the unhappy ending, or even death, the tragic hero will learn something from his mistakes before the story is over.

The two main contenders for tragic hero in the play Antigone are Creon, the king, and Antigone the Princess. Creon is one of the main characters in the play. It is his decision not to bury Antigone s brother. This decision causes the main conflict; which is between Creon and Antigone. Antigone is one of the main characters because she defies the king s law. By doing this she is a part of the main conflict. Antigone is also the name of the play. Both characters are in the play till near the end. Creon and Antigone both show evidence of being high-ranking potions. Creon being the king, And Antigone the princess

Antigone is a noble character in that she wont back down from what she believes is right.

She knows what she thinks is right and is willing to die for what she believed in. Creon shows his own nobility with numerous condemning of officials taking bribes. He also didn t play favorites with his friends or family. Even thou Antigone was a family member, he made the same judgment he would have made if it were any other person in his kingdom committing the same crime. Unfortunately for the both of them, they were both rather proud and stubborn. This was the one thing they clearly had uncommon. They both believed they were right and wouldn t give up there stand.

Antigone comes to a rather unhappy ending; that ending being her hanging herself in a cave all by herself. She killed herself before she had the chance to learn anything from her mistakes. Instead she makes another mistake in killing herself. Creon did not make it out very well ether. He lost everyone dear to him. Each of there deaths were from a division he had made. He realized he was the cause of this tragedy and recognized his mistakes. He learned from his past wrong doings and was made the better for it. This is what separates Creon as the tragic hero from Antigone.


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