Driving With A Cell Phone Essay Research

Driving With A Cell Phone Essay, Research Paper

Many people don?t know the severity of talking on a cellular phone while driving down a road full

of traffic. There are so many men and women that come across people?s path while driving, who

are holding up a phone stuck to their ears. The careless drivers are usually the ones one the

phone which they take part of a business, and are on the phone trying t close off a sale, or just

someone who is having a normal conversation where they can?t wait until they get home to use

the phone. Accidents are prone to happen when we see people talking on the phone crossing an

intersection or switching lanes from a usy expressway. Some lose their concentration when they

end up in a heated conversation. Others can not handle doing two things at the same time. the

concentration on the road is distracted and many daze off and forget that they are on a busy road

or highway. Cellular phones should be turned off while driving due to the fact that it causes

drivers to get distracted and lose their concentration on the road.

Everybody likes to talk on the phone and everyone likes to drive, but that is not the

problem. The major problem here is when both of these activities are combined, especially the

activity where it engages the driver driving an automobile and a cellular phone causing a trouble

to arise. The cellular industry is on a rapid rise, there is no stopping of anyone to not purchasing

a cellular phone. Nowadays, everyone has a phone, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic

Safety Administration) studies show that it is estimated by the year 2000, there will likely be

about 80 million cellular telephone users in the United States.

When people are on the road they usually engage themselves somehow in a conversation

on the cell phone causing distractions to arise. There is a big chance where many of us had a

close call or even been in an accident involving a driver who was distracted bu his or her use of a

cellular phone. This is becoming an issue that brings out a variety of reactions. Reactions that are

being brought out are from the anger of victims of unattentive drivers, to the demands of

researchers for more data on the issue, to the denials that there is a problem from some members

of the cellular phone industry.

Repeated studies have reached to a conclusion that people with cellular phones in their

cars run a 34 percent higher risk of having accident.


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