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Should Social Policy Be Concerned With Creating

Equality Essay, Research Paper

Social policy

covers a social wide range of social welfare provisions,? that the vast majority of society are able

use.? As Mishra notes ?social policy? social arrangements,

mechanisms that are typically concerned with the distribution of resources in

accordance with some criterion of need?. (Loney 1983; pg. 129).? The position of equality would be concerned

with how the resources are distributed so that those in need or disadvantaged,

are in an equal position as the rest of society.? Whether or not this is a possible scenario will be explored.? Different theorists would be in favour or

against the notion that social policy should be concerned with creating

equality, for various reasons that will be elaborated later on in the essay.The principle of

equality, has no clear or accurate definition but from a broad perspective a

possible one could be, ?equality means

the removal of disadvantage.?

Egalitarian policies may aim for equal treatment, without prejudice or

stigma; equal opportunity, the means to achieve socially desired ends??? (Spicker 1988; pg. 125).? Many of the supporters will aim for

egalitarians concepts of equality within the social policy sphere.? Many of the social welfare provisions / services

are funded by public expenditure, the increase of expenditure has been

justified as its aim has been in pursuit of equality.There are five

main distinctive types of equality, that are suitable objectives for proposing

distribution of public expenditure. 1. Equality

of public expenditure- public expenditure on particular? social service allocated equally between all

the relevant? individuals.? For example focusing on imbalances between

regions in hospital spending, or differences in public expenditure between

different types of schools. 2. Equality

of final income- public expenditure on social services allocated in such a way

as to favour the poor.? Allowing the

less advantaged final income to be brought into line with those of the rich.? Public expenditure should be re-distributive

as it is a component of the welfare state which is a system of redistribution. 3. Equality

of use- public expenditure on social services are allocated so amounts of

service used by all relevant individual s are the same.? For example this could be an objective

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