Homosexuals Allowed In Scouting Essay Research Paper

Homosexuals Allowed In Scouting Essay, Research Paper

Over the summer many incidents involving homosexual boy scouts have occurred and now many people are asking the question if we should allow gays to be become boy scouts. All boys should be allowed to become boy scouts, even homosexual boys. The Boy Scout handbook says in the scout oath that a scout must promise with other things to be morally straight, does that include sexually straight? Some scout leaders are worried about pedophilia and other related topics, but this is not a problem. The non profit organization The Boy Scouts of America has already had more attention on this matter than what they wanted and it has made them lose the funding of some companies because the companies don’t want to be put in the spotlight about gay scouts.

You may have heard about a gay scout incident over the summer at a scout camp. During the past summer I worked at that Boy Scout summer camp, Camp Yawgoog where there was gay staffman. When this staffman was asked if he was gay he said yes, he was immediately fired. When the rest of the summer camp staff including me heard of this outrage we immediately went to see the reservation director. That morning the summer camp was closed because the staff was protesting. The gay scout was eventually given his job back. He was an excellent veteran staff man and we were glad to get him back, his being gay didn’t change anything.

Some scout leaders are worried if that there were gay scouts that would mean there would be a greater risk for molestation’s. Right now there is a buddy system where no one adolescent scout would ever be alone with one other adult scout leader to prevent sexual abuse. It wouldn’t be any different if there are gay scouts in a troop. Scout leaders are also worried that if there were gay scouts the organization might be a target for pedophiles, but it’s a proven fact that most pedophiles are men and prefer the opposite sex. Gays in boy scouts would not produce a problem.

In the contemporary scout handbook there is a scout law that says scouts promise along with other things that they must be mature and morally straight. The book describes its definition of morally straight To be of strong character, guide you life with honesty, purity, and justice. It goes on to say be clean, don’t be a sloven and to Respect and defend the rights of all people. It doesn’t say anything about sexual orientation or that homosexuality is sordid. The scout handbook doesn’t have a problem with homosexual scouts.

Now you can see why homosexuals should be allowed into the wonderful world of scouting. It’s good for all the scouts. Even when the mayor of providence Buddy Cianci was asked about this issue he said he was in support of gay scouts. It doesn’t harm anybody. It will help the organization get funding for its activities. Homosexuals should be allowed in boy scouting.


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