My Writing Essay Research Paper Subj Read

My Writing Essay, Research Paper

Subj: Read this very carefully okay vijay mama try to undersand read it over and over

Date: 9/26/00 8:29:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: TrUeSoLjA


Dear vijay mama

I got your email and everyone is fine over here. How is my grandmother doing i hope she is fine and in good health. Give my regards to her and mama mami and dharmesh and jigna and vinod mama and kalpana mami and beena and lalu. My mom wants to email you so im going to write it for her. Im writing out a full story. When mukesh mama came up here he got a job at a motel close by our house But he didnt want to work at a motel but my mom convinced to to work at a motel even though he didnt want too work over there. Motel work was the best job for him because he didnt have to pay rent or anything like that. School was all set for charmi and everything was going okay. He was making pretty good amount of money every month. He work for 4 months in a motel and we helped him out by providing him transportation to get all of his shopping done. We help him as much as we can for 4 months. Then he got a letter from a guy and said that he was going to kill him. And mukesh mama got scared and packed all of his belongings from the motel without giving his boss a notice. The boss even told mukesh to put all of his belongings in his motel garage but he didnt listen and he brought back all of his belongings to our house. The boss was going to give him a 2 weeks vacation but he still decided to quit the job. And those 2 weeks he could have stayed at our house and then he could have went back to the motel job but he refused to go back. He did not mention anything to my mom about what the boss told him. Then my mom explained to him that “if” it was our own motel and if a letter would have came would we have left the motel. I dont think so.!!!! Then we explained another situation when my dad use to own a liquor store and he had gotten robbed with a gun he didnt pack up everything and sell the liquore store he stayed there. On the 10th of july he came back to our house after he packed up everything from the motel. Then he started looking for a job which he thought was going to pay 11.00 dollars an hour which was not possible with out any education and without any fluent english. I been in this country for my whole life and i still dont get 11.00 dollars an hour. Before he even got the job he started looking for a apartment. Mukesh and shilpa start making descions with out even talking it over in the house. He thinks whatever he does is right and he doesnt listen at all to anyone. If we would tell him somthing he would go around and ask 25 other people if it was true or not. He doesnt belive what we say. They are always beating around the bush. He wants to move into a apartment without having a job and he was going to go broke if he took that step and he didnt understand that because hes so stubborn. When he was at the motel he was always complaining about the motel job because he couldnt go anywhere. He want everything good for himself and thats impossible. There are many khatris in here that have a motel job which they have to stay in the house and they have been doing it for so many years and he is complaining in 4 months. He thinks it is a easy life in california which is not. Everyone mostly over here has a bussiness to survive off of. Even if mukesh had 2 jobs and shilpa had a job it would hard for them to survive over here. Then we sat on the table with him and we expained him everything about how expense california is. They called Kishore in New jersy and he told him how everything is cheap over here like the apartments and you dont need a car over there because everyone goes by bus. Then they booked a ticket to go the New Jersy . After they booked the non-refundable ticket they still didnt want to go to new jesry even though they decided to go. Mukesh thought that he was going to get his 11.00 dollar job but which all ended being a flop. The day before his flight they quickly packed up everything even though they were saying no that they wearnt going to go. His money was going to go to waste if he didnt go. He paid 600.00 dollars for the tickets. Now he is in New Jersy for about 2 weeks now and we just go a phone call yesterday saying that he wants to come back over here because he cant find a job. No one can find a job in two weeks it takes time to find a job. The problem is that he wants Mamna everyday but he doesnt want to eat wal ni dal (understand). He wants a money tree to grow in one day. It takes time to make money over here. He didnt want to move to new jersy because he thought it was cold over there. But he wants everything to be perfect for him which is impossible. We tried to help him as much as we could. The problem is that he is tooooooo stubborn and he doesnt say anything about what he wants to do. He takes his own actions without even informing us about it. When you called from india he went in the bathroom to talk because he didnt want us to hear the conversation. I dont know what is going to happen. He can find a job in new jersy but it just takes time. He is very impatiet person. We tried to help him. Now he wants to come back to california and find a job at a motel again which is hard to find. Dont mention anything to him i just wanted to let you know what was going on. I dont want you to get the wrong impression that we didnt help him but we did. My mom told him before he came here go to new jersy it will be easier to find a job there. But he still came over here. He hides everything from us. Now he regrets quitting the motel job. I hope you understand the situation. Dont worry about anything he is at kakas place and he should find a job pretty soon and dont worry about him okay. I just wanted to let you know the whole story about what is going on. I repeat dont mention anything to him pleaseeeeeeeeeee okay and just email us back okay vijay mama and dont call and mention anything over here okay byee Dont take anything serious about what we are telling you okay bye

Take care hope to hear from you soon



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