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KHS Essay, Research Paper

Our Mission…

The Kennett Consolidated School District is a public school system committed to providing the best education possible at the most reasonable cost to the taxpaying public. To accomplish this, the Board of Education adopted the following Mission Statement, which continues to be the guide for the Board, administrators, faculty and staff.

The mission of the Kennett Consolidated School District is to provide a quality education that develops the total potential of every child so that each becomes an effective contributor to society.

To achieve the mission, the School District is committed to:

Providing education in a caring environment that is conducive to learning and develops the intellectual, emotional, social, artistic, and physical capabilities of every child.

Providing a properly trained and highly motivated staff to achieve our educational goals and an environment that encourages the professional growth and development of all employees

Improving continually the academic curricula that integrate and promote the development of a basic set of life skills in our students to help them think critically and responsibly and communicate clearly.

Communicating openly with students, parents, the community, and other interested parties to enhance understanding and support.

Providing facilities, budgetary systems, and strategic planning processes that ensure current and future education requirements are met cost effectively.

This mission statement is displayed in each school and in the District office. The employees of the school district try very hard to see that each child is treated as an individual, which is necessary in a district with such a diverse socio-economic and cultural student body. The entire Kennett Consolidated School District is dedicated to our students and their future.

– Dr. Rudolph Karkosak




The District Office…

School District Administration

Dr. Rudolph Karkosak

District Superintendent

Dr. Jerry Cammarata

Director of Secondary Education/Personnel

Mr. Joseph Lubitsky

Business Manager




The School Board…

Board of School Directors

Geoffrey Gamble, President

Earl K. Rigler, Vice President

Shirley L. Annand

Carrie H. Freeman

Michael P. Graves

Maureen Harrigan

Maurice Reynolds

Catherine Townsend

Mary Wollaston

School Board Minutes




The Schools of KCSD…



Mr. James Calhoun, Principal

Mr. Raymond Fernandez, Asst. Principal


Mr. John E. Carr,Jr., Principal


Dr. Susan Kampf, Principal


Dr. Kathleen Thornton, Principal


Barbara S. DeCarlo, Principal

Shawn Godfrey, Asst. Principal



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