Demonstration Critique Essay Research Paper Demonstration Critique

Demonstration Critique Essay, Research Paper

Demonstration Critique

During my demonstration speech, I was affected by my speech anxiety. Some of the viewable symptoms were the shaking of my hands and also the stuttering of speech. I was able to control myself and relax after I started getting into my information. I did use some of the suggested relaxation techniques to relieve my anxiety. Before I got up to speak I thought confident of myself to help give me courage and confidence.

While watching my video I did notice that I was able to understand and clearly know what the main point was. I spoke in a clear and a tone loud enough for everyone to hear. The speech was organized very well, so one idea or thought flowed to the next. I don?t think I need to change anything in regards to my central idea being clear. I was satisfied with that part of the speech.

I happened to notice that I did use verbal pauses during transitions. When I would go from one topic to the next I would use the word ?um.? This was very apparent when I was viewing the video of myself. I would like to be able to complete a speech without having to use any verbal pauses. I typically would use these pauses after I got done completing with a particular topic. I would say that this is one of my major problems with giving a speech. Now that I can see exactly how much I use them, I can change that in the future.

I did use some hand gestures in my speech. For the first few minutes I did not use them, but as I moved through my material and got into the actual demonstration some hand gestures were used. I also noticed in the video that I was not always watching the audience. I use to think that I made good eye contact, but after watching the film I really only glanced at the audience. I believe that I could make significant improvement in this part of my speeches. While I was up in front of the class I thought that I was looking out at the audience more then what I actually did.

I was very satisfied with the volume of my speech. I spoke clear and everyone in the class could clearly understand what I was saying. I did trip up on a few words, but overall it was very clear and pronounced.

Going into the speech I wanted to leave a very good conclusion. I was very satisfied with my ending; I think I had everyone thinking about juggling after I was done. I could even bet someone went back home and tried to juggle.

It did seem different to see myself performing a speech. I have never had this opportunity before. This gave me a good view of myself from the audiences? point of view. Now I am able to see how I actually perform and how I can improve for future speeches. This has given me a new look at how my speeches are performed and what I need to improve them for future speeches.


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