Classes Then And Now Essay Research Paper

Classes: Then And Now Essay, Research Paper

Classes: Then and Now

Looking back on it all now, I can see how much easier classes were in High School than College. Who would have thought that College would be this much harder; I mean you get to pick your classes and you even are allowed to take them at your chosen time. Sounds easy huh? Well, it?s not. As a matter of fact College is a lot harder than one might think. Your classes are a lot harder because you?re in a higher level of learning. Also, the curriculum requires a lot more studying to be done in order to pass the class; and if that?s not enough, the instructors treat you like an adult, rather than a child.

I would guess that a lot of students, who make the transfer from High School to College, would think that the courses would be harder as you go on. And that?s right. Do you think that the more in depth you go into your education, the easier it will be? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but was 5th grade harder than 3rd grade? Sure! So why would that not be the same for this? New College students will find out quickly that they?re not in High School any more, the classes cover the material in much deeper detail, because this is the last step to prepare you for the ?real world?.

Now, since your classes are tougher and you cover things in deeper detail, this means that you are going to have to put more time and effort into your schoolwork. You have to study more for tests, you can?t afford to miss any homework assignments, and you need to go to class. You also need to regulate your time, meaning don?t stay out all night and party on the weekdays, and watch what time you go to bed at nights. In High School, sure you?ve got to study and do homework, but in College there are very few teachers that will take late assignments, and buy bull*censored* excuses

Also at this level, the instructors treat the students like adults. They really don?t care if you come to class or not; you?re paying for it! The instructors will not come to you, sit you down after class and ask if you need any extra help like in High School. You need to go and ask for it your-self. Some classes are so big that the instructor won?t even know your name. Also unlike High School, you won?t get any phone calls form you teachers asking if they can talk to your parents about your grade. Because by now you should know how to handle things that are going on with your-self, and if you can?t then you shouldn?t in College.

So, if you?re thinking about gong to College, you have better be ready for some big changes. High School is not even on the same difficulty chart as College is. So as a College student let me give you a word of advice, ?stay in High School it?s easier and cheaper?.


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