Cats And Dogs Essay Research Paper Cats

Cats And Dogs Essay, Research Paper

Cats and Dogs

We all know the motto, it has probably been around since the beginning of time, You can t live with them and you can t live without them. This can only refer to men and women/husband and wife. Of course, there are many differences and many more similarities between sexes.

The chromosomes of men and women are different; men have an X and a Y chromosome. While women have two X chromosomes. Men have testosterone; if they did not have this, they would be women. Ladies have estrogen, which is made from their ovaries.

Other biological differences between men and women are very distinctive: the most noticeable is the sex organs. Males have testes that are able to produce sperm: females have ovaries that make eggs, which will form into a baby with the help of sperm. Ladies have wider hips that are not connected, making them physically able to have babies. Men have hair on their faces, backs, and chests. Women are to shave their legs and armpits for good hygiene and good looks.

There are a couple medical differences too. Men have prostate glands that can become cancerous. Women develop cancer in their breasts, which is becoming more and more epidemic. Older ladies get an illness called osteoporosis. This disease occurs when women s bones become fragile and porous, disabling them for life. Women also have a cell that men do not; it makes women more susceptible to cancer in the lungs.

Men all through time have played the more dominant role. Since they are physically stronger men are able to lift the heavy objects, men are more aggressive, fighting the wars, protecting their women and children. Males are the dominant disciplinarians, punishing the misbehavior.

Women play the role of the nurturer and doctor, giving love and care. Mom becomes a psychiatrist, being able to talk to boys or girls about anything. She always seaming to have the answer: she is the seamstress, fixing the holes in your clothing.

There are also emotional differences. Men think only by thinking, as women and feel at the same time. Males do not like to let people see their emotions. They think if someone saw them cry or whatever, they would call them a wimp, make fun of them, or not going to be their friend. Women like to play with people s emotions. Using them to get their way or sympathy. Also, women think about people s feelings sometime a little too much, leaving them upset, because they could not say what they wanted to. It is also proven that men change their mind two or three times more often than do women.

Ladies have psychic abilities. It is also called women s intuition. That is when woman feels or sees what is going to happen. I have seen what they predict come true more than once.

Mallow s higher hierarchy of needs is what they all have in common: food, shelter, clothing, and love. We all have to have food for our bodies to grow and heal, shelter to protect us from the elements, clothing to keep our bodies covered. Without love, we would all pass away.

Much has changed since the 1800 s. Hell, much has changed since the 1970 s. The sexes have become more equal in almost every way. Females are becoming firefighters, doctors, and even construction workers. Male s roles have also changed. For example, men now can be found being, Mr. Mom , just for women hairstylists, or housekeepers such as Tony masallie of Who s the Boss .

Now that we have entered the twenty-first century the sexes are becoming more equal; that is a little frightening. Men can now be transformed into the women they always wanted to be; many women are putting them selves in a mans place. There is one thing that will never change, the understanding of the opposite sex.


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