Having A Healthy Baby Essay Research Paper

Having A Healthy Baby Essay, Research Paper

Having a healthy baby starts way before you are ready to get pregnant. Any women in baby producing years, around twenty to thirty, should be taking care of themselves now. Whether they plan on having a child or might in the future. If they are sexually active and in this age range, then there is the possibility of getting pregnant. Even women on birth control should be following precautions. What does that mean? Every women should be taking some kind of multivitamin with folic acid. It not only helps in producing a healthy child, “some studies show folic acid also may help protect women from cervical and colon cancer” (www.modimes.org/programs2/folic acid/default.htm).

The next thing to consider when planning a pregnancy, is what kind of diet to follow. You want to get into the habit of eating better. According to Amazing pregnancy.com, “you should not eat soft cheeses and certain deli meats.” The reason they state is “that certain foods, can become contaminated with bacteria called Listeria“ (www.amazing pregnancy.com/weekbyweek/foods.html. This bacteria can cause you to be sick, and could even cause the baby to die. What you can eat is a well balanced diet. Drink more milk, or foods that substitute for milk. Make sure you are getting your daily serving of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, make sure you are taking a prenatal vitamin. You also need to add a little protein into your diet. Drink lots of water, you do not want to dehydrate yourself, and instead of drinking sodas, drink more fresh juices.

A doctor may suggest a prenatal vitamin. Some doctors think that a balanced diet is sufficient, while some think that you need both. A balanced diet is very important, but it will be very difficult for you to meet all of your bodies growing needs. A prenatal vitamin will give your body many nutrients that you need. Baby center suggests that a good prenatal vitamin “contain iron, folic acid, vitamins A, C, D, and E, B vitamins- thiamine, vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, and B12, calcium, potassium, copper, antithetic acid, and zinc. Prenatal vitamins usually contain a stool softener…since large amounts of iron may cause constipation” (www.baby center.com/refcap/287.html).

There is many things that you can do to have a healthy baby. One of the most important would be to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. The reasons to quit smoking might be that your baby will grow better because it is getting more food and oxygen. If you decide to smoke while you are pregnant you could have a miscarriage or stillbirth, your baby could be born with health problems, and your baby would be at risk for learning and behavior problems later in childhood. If you drink while pregnant you are endangering your child’s future. Some of the risks include: low birth weight, failure to eat and grow well, temper tantrums, poor abstracting abilities, and poor wake and sleep habits.

Another important factor in a healthy pregnancy is sleep. To ensure that you are getting enough sleep, take naps during the day. Make your bedroom comfortable. Remember that during your pregnancy that you will be warmer, and you might want to keep your bedroom cooler. Establish a regular sleeping habit, and only use your bedroom for sleep and enjoyable bedtime activities. If you have problems with nausea, eat bland snacks especially before bedtime.

The first step to a healthy baby starts before you even plan to get pregnant. Doctors recommend multivitamins with folic acid. Quit smoking and drinking. As soon as you think you are pregnant go see your doctor. Regular prenatal visits will help to discover any problems that may occur during your pregnancy, and to ensure any problems are kept to a minimum. To have a healthy baby, you should follow these guidelines, and any more that your doctor may suggest.


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