Fear And Lonelines Essay Research Paper Fear

Fear And Lonelines Essay, Research Paper

Fear and Loneliness

Fear exists in all human. We all have that natural sense of fear in our mind. My name is Bo Peng, and my greatest fear in life is being alone. I believe Loneliness is the most horrific thing in life.

It was a Friday night in December of 1989. The night was cold and dead silent. My father was on a long business trip, and my mother was working night shift. I was abandoned and locked inside of our small house. I starred straight at the big clock in the living room; every second felt like an infinite amount of time. I thought our clock was too slow, so I ran in to the kitchen and checked the time on our oven, then the time on our VCR, and my father s watch! Finally, my hope had disappeared.

I felt what loneliness really meant for the first time. I was pacing back and forth in the house; like those poor animals locked in a cage at the zoo. Then I thought maybe I should go to sleep and everything would be ok. But as soon as I closed my eye; I started hearing these ghostly voice all around me. I jumped out of my bed, quietly sneak into the kitchen, and grabbed the biggest knife I could found. Shortly after, I turned all the lights on and sat in the farthest corner of our living room.

I looked back at the big clock again, the one of the longest hour of my life have finally pasted. However, I had no idea how many more ahead! Ta, Ta, Ta I heard footsteps near the front door of our house. I bolted as fast as I could towards the front door. I tried to open it, and see if my mom has came back from work. But I couldn t, it was locked. And the footsteps slowly faded away. My heart was very unsteady, and I could hardly breath. I want to cry and scream as loud as I could, but only drops of tears came out. I realized there is no one out there to answer my desperate cry! Another hour have past, at that moment I felt as if I was the only one alive on earth, and the sun would never rise again!

I could never forget that Friday night. Eleven years have past by, but it is still so clear in my mind as if it just happened last night. Facing with my greatest fear at such a young age was truly unforgettable. And today loneliness is still my greatest fear in life.


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