Marine Biology Essay Research Paper I often

Marine Biology Essay, Research Paper

I often wonder how I want to spend the rest of my life. My dream is to explore the ocean and discover the many secrets that still lie beneath the waters? surface. I am approaching a time in my life when decision making will pave the way for my future. To have the best of both worlds, a rewarding career and a life revolving around aquatic life, marine biology looks very appealing to me. The study of marine biology would allow me to study and eventually have a profession in the area of marine life that interests me most.

For as long as I can remember the coastal region has been very interesting to me. When I was a young boy at the age of six, I loaded up a row boat with my friend and ventured across what seemed like a vast body of water (the Indian River) never having any fear, only intrigue. This was my first greatest adventure. In my teen years my interest is still sharp and my determination has given me many opportunities to discover far away places within the great ocean. I have mastered the mechanics of maneuvering boats, fishing in great depths of the ocean and even the sport of SCUBA diving. I have chased crustaceans on the floor of the ocean and have discovered the beauty of pristine coral reefs. There has been a few times that I swam amongst sharks and barracudas. It is so easy to know this is where and how I want to spend my life.

In thinking of a university or a marine biology program it will be necessary for the location to be a “hot spot,” that is a location that will allow access to marine research and opportunities to work with prominent scientists. The university that I have in mind is

the University of Miami. This university is a nationally distinguished for its marine biology undergraduate program, furthermore it is located in a “hot spot”, which would be south Florida.

My plan to achieve this goal is to finish my responsibilities as a high school student, which includes intense biology and marine biology classes and challenging academic math courses. I plan to attend a college or university for at least five years so I can obtain my masters degree in marine biology.

According to my interest profile I was rated 9 out of 12 for science, I achieved a 7 out of 12 on physical performing, and a 5 out of 12 on nature. My highest score is in science, which is the field of study I am most interested in. The projected profile consistently matched up with my own personal profile. Although I received a lower score on nature, that portion of the profile focused more on mammals and did not relate to marine life at all.

When making a career choice it is important to choose an area that intrigues you and makes the time you spend working a valuable experience. It is also important to understand yourself, especially your personality. It is also important to now how your personal attributes will help you in the field you enter? I personally have a curious nature and always strive to find the right answer. This is beneficial when entering a science field and it is always important to find the answers to the unknown.

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