Personal Diet And Activity Modifications Essay Research

Personal Diet And Activity Modifications Essay, Research Paper


While taking the course Human Nutrition, I learned that for a healthy life-style it takes following such simple health habits as avoiding smoking, drinking in moderation, eating a well-balanced diet, controlling weight, reducing stress, and exercising regularly. By under-standing the basic principles of healthy living and applying them with sense and moderation, I can vastly improve the quality-and may well increase the length-of my life.

Personal Diet and Activity Modifications


Diet as a means of disease prevention has received a lot of attention from the medical community and the media. According to the American Dietetic Association an unhealthy diet has been linked to some leading causes of death in America today, such as: cancer, adult diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cirrhosis of the liver. “Obesity, is our most common nutrition-related health problem, and is a contributing factor in a number of health problems, including high blood pressure, arthritis, certain types of cancer, adult diabetes, and heart attacks.”

I’ve realized that to control my weight and minimize other food-related health problems, I need to become even more knowledgeable about nutrition. I gave birth to my fourth child just five months ago with only 18 months separating the last two. After losing almost all of my pregnancy weight within the first four to six weeks, I have managed to gain almost all of it back.

According to the BMI Chart that I found in Dieting for Dummies, my BMI is at 26. When I factored my height and weight to The Dietary Guidelines for Americans weight table, I determined that I am considered moderately overweight. My waist measures at 34 inches. Over 35 inches puts a woman at an increased health risk when coupled with a BMI of over 25. I would venture to say that I am walking the tightrope when it comes to health risks. There is no known hereditary disease in my family, although my mother was obese.

Upon completion of evaluating my diet for approximately one week, I have discovered that my greatest deficiency is in iron. I eat a lot of fat and not very much protein. I do not especially like meat, but have found that I can make up what I need with foods such as peanut butter. I have also been looking into supplements. This course has helped me to recognize my shortcomings with nutrition as a parent. I began giving my toddler a lot of juice and less milk a few months ago. I now know that the juices that I’ve been giving her have a lot of sugar and that she really needs closer to 24 ounces of milk a day.


I drive to work and to the mall, use elevators instead of stairs, watch rather than participate in sports, and do little heavy labor on my job. I am a very busy person but when it comes to exercise I lead a sedentary lifestyle. I currently do not exercise with any frequency. I’ve learned that exercise tends to lower blood pressure, help control weight, lower stress, and possibly increase longevity.

Human Nutrition is my last class at the University of Phoenix. I have already begun changing my eating habits and those of my family. My next goal is to start getting the exercise that I so desperately need. My family and I have agreed to start taking evening walks three times a week. I have made arrangements for my oldest daughter to care for her sisters while my husband and I go bike riding two to three times a week. I have access to a health service facility at work and have already started taking advantage of the basketball court. I kept putting off a healthier lifestyle until I completed school – I may not have procrastinated so much if I had taken this class sooner.



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