The English Patient Essay Research Paper As

The English Patient Essay, Research Paper

As followed by the big hit of Titanic?s great tragedy love story . It seems that

love romantic stories are in favour to touch people?s deep feelings.

The English Patient, ” however, is a great epic romance novel. It’s an

extravagance of the romantic spirit, a yearning for passion. A immoral love story

between one man(Almasy) and a married woman(Katharine). Also a nurse?s love and

care toward his patient. Style of the novel uses the in-between of past and present. Backward into

memory, forward into loss and desire, the lost of Almasy?s physical appearence, his love

and the desire to survive after he was badly burned and lost memory dued to plane crush.

And later on, how himself and others discovered his unpleasnat past.

The novel is mostly focus on the patient(as Almasy)?s inner conflicts. Why he

hidden his past to others and how he began to face it after a man named Caravaggiuo

who was suffered from Almasy?s betrayal of England, and came for revenge.“Why follow me? Escort me, by all means, but to follow me . . .” It is clear to both of

them that they are in love. .“The English Patient” searches for

answers that will answer nothing. the famous novel

by Michael Ondaatje circles down through layers of mystery until all of the puzzles in the

story have been solved, and only the great wound of a doomed love remains.

attention to fragments of memory that evoke feelings even before we understand what

they mean.Also, as its grand contrapuntal themes of fidelity and betrayal, of death and

rebirth, play themselves out, a fierce longing for a moral order emerges as well. Michael

Ondaatje’s novel amasses hypnotic power and tremendous cumulative impact, suggesting,

in its resolutely nonlinear way, fragments of ecstasy and pain breaking loose from the


of an ocean of memory, floating upward into recollection. It’s emotion recollected not in

Wordsworth’s tranquility, but in rueful, elliptical pulses.


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