Arabic Literature Essay Research Paper Anthony BaldinoMr

Arabic Literature Essay, Research Paper

Anthony Baldino

Mr. Crudele

English IV

December 10, 2000

Arabic Literature


1. Many would say that the Arabian culture has contributed the most to our culture in

the areas of science and philosophy.

2. However they have also contributed much in the area of literature.

3. You can see there influences in the books before you.


1. Possibly the oldest form of Arabian literature are the qasida witch is a kind of lyrical

poem that expresses a noble feeling.

- These early poems were mainly focused on the poet?s tribe, family, and self.

- Many poets wrote much about descriptions of the desert.

- The poems were usually passed down orally threw the generations.

2. I the 7th century the prophet Muhammad was not interested in poetry

And with the rise of Islam Arabic poetry declined, replacing it with the study of the


- Witch was a sacred book of the Arabic.

- Some of witch can be found on pages 108 an109.


1. Literature again started to become more popular in the Arabic-Persian culture of Baghdad in the 8th and 9th cent.

2. A group of young poets established a new style of poetry witch was more formal, yet


3. During the 9th century poetry again began to decline


1. After the 12th century fantasy and adventure tales such as Arabian Nights as seen in the Classic Disney movie Aladdin.

2. However scholars did not consider them to be of great literary value.

3. For a third time the Arabic culture had another downfall when the Ottoman Turks overtook them.


1. In the late 18th century growing western influence from countries like Egypt.

2. With literature exchanges with Europe, printing presses, and even new collages in Lebanon and Syria.

3. Since then the novel and drama have been adopted and developed by the Syrian and Egyptian Culture.


1. In conclusion the Arabic Culture has come a long way since its birth.

2. The Arabic culture has contributed more then they were credited for by many scholars.

3. Had they not had such an influence then we probably would not be able to study and learn about them today.


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