Jazz 2 Essay Research Paper The band

Jazz 2 Essay, Research Paper

The band played a series of live classical jazz in the concert. Most part of the concert gave great senses of relaxation and swing feelings by elegant tunes and fantastic melodies. As an audience, I was really impressed by the modulation in tone and the conspicuous musicianship. I like the way the orchestra displayed their dynamics. Some parts of the concert were loud while other parts were soft. The difference between these parts showed relaxation and tensions of music, which were also considered as a special feature of Jazz. The songs played also have a nice rhythmic beat. It s like ballroom style beat, which people can dance to. Then again, if you close your eyes, it was very light music that people can relax their souls.

The forward part of the concert was slow and soft music that conveyed the feelings of relaxation. It was a really nice opening that led audiences into a peaceful atmosphere. The beginning part, which was played by the pianist, Mike Holober, was filled with tenderness and gave a sense of relaxation. Moreover, the saxophone section made the music sound more blues and also gave a sense of sorrowful romantic. However, the music turned brisker and had more swing feelings afterwards. Compared with the soft music that was played before, it was much more energetic and inspired people with passion, especially the drum section. The drum section was played in quick beat that embellish the whole piece of music. The tacit musicianship between drum, saxophone and bass brought audiences into harmony.

Filled with remarkable musicianship, the pieces played were certainly impressive. In addition, the orchestra was magnificent. Every piece had its own interesting beat, and created a great sense of relaxation. It was a great pleasure to be in the audience. In conclusion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this concert was certainly beautiful. Music can thus be better exposed through such events and greatly enrich our lives.


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