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Group Perception Essay Research Paper I personally

Group Perception Essay, Research Paper

I personally think that working in a group can be an enjoyable experience if everyone in the group feels comfortable with each other making the communication sparkle. Unlike what most students in Sorenson s research expressed about their views of group work, the term grouphate to describe how loathsome the group experience is , I find group work a big key to success for everyone in the group if the group members understand how to communicate competently, which means that we have to know how to apply those four elements of communication competence (knowledge, skills, sensitivity and commitment) in our group activities. So far, the experiences that I have with my group are more than great. Everyone in my group seemed to play a special role in helping towards the success of the group, and we treated each other like a big family. When it came to discussion, we were always provisionalistic since we re very open to any suggestions. A good example of this was when we did the winter survival exercise; Pam and Mrs. Johnson wanted to leave the crash area. I explained to them that from my experience of being in Tahoe before, I knew It would take at least two to three days to walk on the snow to the nearest habitation, and by that time we all would be dead. Everybody thought it would make sense of what I said, so we finally decided as a whole that it was best for us to stay. Considering myself as a strategist at prevailing communication, I rationalize myself a leader of the group. As a good motivator, I can get the group members eager to work together and solve all the problems. I am also a good listener as I perceive everyone s viewpoints and use it to the best advantage of the group. On the other hand, I evaluate every situation and consult every possible consequence until we determine what solution is best. Those are all the strengths that I consider myself holding and I think they can serve as big contributions to the success of my group. Yet I do have some weaknesses that I need to work on, for instance I am very conservative when it comes to arguing with groupmates about whether what I say is right. I learnt that trying to be strong headed was not an effective way to communicate with others in the group, and it wasn t appropriate at all. A brief example of the above was when we did the geography quiz in which we wrestled with the question about the location of Philippines. Throughout the discussion, I kept trying to convince everyone in the group that Philippines is definitely located in south of Malaysia, and I claimed that I knew it would not be Vietnam because of the fact that I am from Vietnam. It turned out that VN was the country and I was utterly wrong. Anyhow, it enlightened me of not being so strong headed about something that I would not be sure of.

As far as I can see, there isn t any we-not-me orientation in me, nor others in my group. I always believe that we work so much more effective as a multitude than as individual since we have a lot of collaboration from the group. Even though I feel as if I am the leader of the group, I tend to learn from other s outlooks and turn them into assets of myself and of the whole group, and try not to create that we-not-me bearing as I truly think that there are potential dividends when group members assume a We-orientation. To me, helping others in the group to achieve our own goals is like supporting myself to accomplish my daily life s ambition. . Therefore, I do not believe in individualism as the author of the article The Imperial I vs. the Authoritarian We states, dethroning the Imperial I and emphasizing team building and collaborative effort can prove beneficial to both individuals and society.