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Cry Freedom Essay, Research Paper

Cry Freedom

Cry freedom is a real life drama recorded as a movie. The movies main character is steve biko (played by the actor Denzel Washington), a man in his early thirties who has the ability to lead his people; the blacks againt the South African injustices. He s most recognised point or view was we don t want to be forced into your society…I m not going to be what you want me to be. Biko was able to show what apartheid has done when he meets a white journalist by the name of Donald Woods. He was a white who was strongly againts supremacy as he beleived that it built a wall of hatred which infact apartheid was causing. Woods slowly gives awarness of the apartheid s violent side through the submission of photographs of a ghetto being attack by South African police into the newspaper he is the editor of.

At a sad note Biko is arrested on his way to a rally and is beaten to death in custody; the governmen announces he s death as a hunger strike . Donald Woods is deeply outraged and shocked. He goes to see the body and takes photographs of the beaten body and plans to smuggle the photo s out of the country which includes a plan of him diskized as a preast and the escape of his family. Before that he was placed on house arrest as Biko was through with his revolutionary era of speaches. My personal response to the apartheid issue is that im simply tottally against that because it cause discrimination and stronger racism. But I guess that strong racism within a certain community caused apartheid.

The incidnts that were occuring in South Africa were absolutly discracfull to how a country was behaving in the eyes of the world. I believe that preventing South africa from participating from olympic and sporting events as well as trade relations was a very good initiative taken by world commitee s.

Black deaths in custody

Black deaths in custody was a story presented by ABC s four courners. The story is mainly about Aboriginal deaths in Western Australia during a period of 1980 to the 1990 s.

As a reporter states at the beginning of the report a 17 year old aboriginal boy was killed by police officers as said but the case was seen as a sort of an accident. The local out rage by the aboriginal community was devastating; the pub was attacked with steel rods used for the local railway, then looted and futher more distroyed.

The local police officer said that he can understand the anger of the community but he stills believes that his officers did not over abuse there power on the boy. In another note by the law, police officers cannot be placed into procecution.

This can easily be seen as an international issue because the same injustices are seen as what occured in South Afica which was approximatly twenty years ago. I see the balcks deaths in custody issue as a sad one but is it the government or certain individuals within the police force who create these injustices to the black community. The issue should be resolved with police officers and penetentury guards trained to watch out and to take care in aboriginal situations.

In conclusion with the observation of the two videos I can say that they are very similar, in both cases a black died from a government organised police force, law did not act to defend the victims at any time.

My personal belief regarding the incidents which occurred in South Africa and which are occurring in Australia is that the law should persecute any persons in threat of these people. I can see that the government has no harsh approach to these people it s just plain local people who she these races as nothing. But if a certain race within a country is causing certain injustices to the local people then I have nothing to say and I leave it up to the government to act.


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