Good Earth Essay Research Paper The Good

Good Earth Essay, Research Paper

The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck / Historical Fiction The Good Earth is a

saga about the life and death of Wang Lung. The story starts out on his wedding

day as he gets ready to be marries. He is having a traditional farmer wedding in

which his father has chosen his wife which he is to have many children with. In

the later years in the midst of a famon they are forced to move south which was

not much better than the north. A revolution broke out and during it O-lan and

Wang Lung Both rummaged through the great housewhere O-lan stumbles upon a pouch

of jewels. After being let go by the soldiers they are able to back to the land

where there is now rain. O-lan being the loyal wife she gives Wang Lung the

pouch of jewels except two pearls that she keeps for herself. Later Wang Lung in

his greed takes the pearls from her to give to his conquebine. When the locusts

come he reunites himself with the land in a struggle to save it. O-lan dies

quickly after his sons wedding and Wang Lung is next to come. Wang Lung on his

death bed in a house that is not even his requests that his sons never sell the

land. His sons agree to it with their fingers crossed behind their backs in high

hopes to become rick quick. No matter who you are and how much you think you can

controll it, money will corrupt most people in this so called world. The main

character in this book is Wang Lung. In the beginning he is a common farmer who

works in the fields all day next to his ox. He has a braid and has no reason to

clean him self, his father who he supports is old and cannot help himself. When

the money comes rolling in he hires people to do the work in the fields for him,

he now wears silken robes and is clean every day. During this time he cuts off

his braid and brings a conquebine to the great house of Whang, which he bought.

Most of the workers on his fields think he is a fool, because he cannot see the

things that are going on behind his back. In the book some spots were difficult

to read because of the vocabulary, which made me go back and reread those

trouble parts. The length of the sentences didn?t effect me but when a word

that I didn?t know it made it harder to back track. I would not read annother

book by Pearl S. Buck because I think it draged on too long and it didn?t hold

my intrest long enough to be really interesting. I experienced that her books

are boring and drag on for hundreds of pages. It had no meaning, except for the

torture I went through while I was reading it.


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