Money In ModernDay Sports Essay Research Paper

Money In Modern-Day Sports Essay, Research Paper

Money in Modern-Day Sports

Over the years, professional athlete’s salaries have steadily risen. The question is if

they deserve the money or not. In my opinion, according to the popularity of sports and

individual participants, they do deserve the money. Professional sports is probably the

basis of American culture and so many things revolve around it. No matter what sport,

those athletes are paid to bring a championship to their respective cities. I also feel that

their impact on society is great, from aspiring ten year olds to retired lawyers.

Fame is not an easy thing to conquer. Professional athletes are thrown into the

spotlight by the media and the expectations of the fans must be met or the player in

question will feel the harsh reality of a verbal and mental backlash. People forget that

athletes don’t just play a couple of times a week and get paid millions. No, they practice

year-round, go through rigorous physical conditioning, and like I said before, are the

center of attention. Along with that comes an immense pressure to do the best or face the

thousands of people who are displeased with you because you only had eighty yards

rushing or you’re in second place. The money generated by sports also happens to be

unbelievably grand. Billions of dollars are brought in each year spanning from team

merchandise, league merchandise, ticket sales, and the list goes on and on. All this

is made possible by the people on the field, court, ice, or whatever surface is played on.

In conclusion, athletes who consume their lives with what they love are providing

a service, or rather an entertainment to us common people. They work harder each day

than most people do in a lifetime, and they also go through the constant struggle to be the

best at what they do, and usually will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

I didn’t have to do a bibliography on this. I did it in 5 minutes for a writer’s notebook in English.


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