Sociology Essay Research Paper Sociology 120Final Learning

Sociology Essay, Research Paper

Sociology 120

Final Learning Exercise

[1.] List and compare (Discuss) three of the concept of the grieving process for a death and their similarities to breaking up.

Three of the concepts according to the grief symptom box are:

1.) Low self-esteem is when feelings are worthless and the person feels failure. Most people lose their self-esteem or it becomes lower when somebody dies because they get sensitive and feel hurt. They feel sorry when someone they love passes away and if the person is real close to them it s almost the same feeling when someone breaks up with you. You feel like you have lost someone in your life and they are not part of your life like in death. Sometimes people lose their motivation to do things they normally do until they recover from some ones death or a break up. People often offend other people and try to lower their self-esteem also.

2.) Self-reproach is a feeling of guilt. Often people feel guilt because they think it s their fault that the person they love passed away. They blame themselves and sometimes take self-reproach to the extreme. This is also seen in broken relationships. An example can be there are two couples together and the guy would say something to offend his partner and something would happen to that person they feel guilt.

3.) Hopelessness is a thought of death and suicide. People often get this feeling because they see no need to live when someone close passes away. They are so hurt that often they commit suicide because it relives them from the pain. People feel hopeless in deaths because there is nothing they can do and in break up s. Many people seek revenge but others feel to die because they feel life is worthless. This symptom is the most common to cause people to die. In death and in broken relationships hopelessness are similar because people feel grief and no longer want to live.


[A] What was the most important concept for maintenance and repair in a relationship as indicated in the by the percentage in table11.1?

The most important maintenance and repair would be prosocial strategies with a maintanence of 77%and a repair of 51%. This strategy emphasizes to be polite, cheerful, warm, and friendly. Refraining from criticizing the other and sacrificing or compromising.

[B] The strategies I like and use the most would be ceremonies. There have been hard times in my relationship but I hate staying mad forever so I like to kiss up and make up because if we stay mad forever we are not going to solve anything. I would only do this if I really like the person and if I don t then that means that is the end of our relationship. I like to keep my partners outgoing whenever it s possible. I like receiving present and also like to give only if they deserve it. Communication is also important in my relationship. Sometimes I get mad because my partner forgets to tell me things and I hear it from someone else and that makes me mad. I like to be open-minded and communicate everything including my secrets to my partner. I like girls that are talkative and entertaining to keep my feeling going.

[3] Reflecting back over to this quarter the most important and significant information (items) I learned from this class were how to deal with break ups, how to control my anger in a relationship and communication. Before I came to this class I had problems with my partner I sometimes felt like she was playing games. I would never let her go out because I was too jealous after doing the survey I realized that she has to have fun also so I decided to let her go out with her friends occasionally. I did a lot of survey of sex, and anger. It helped me communicate things I would of never thought of asking my partner. She was hesitant at first but after I told her they were class assignment she gave in and answered the survey. In my recent relationships I did not know how to deal with break ups but after this course I learned that it takes time to get over the girl you like but you have to move on. I never had bad temper and the surveys made me realize that I was a dangerous person when it came to temper. I am really glad I took this class because I would of never found my true self.

[4] Reflecting back to this quarters class the activities that I think made me understand the course were group discussions, observation papers and acting. These simple activities made me realize what the class was about because after reading the text book I was still confused and by coming to class igot a better feeling of the material. The group discussions helped me understand the class by asking questions to my peers and hearing the responses they had toward the class material. I also met new friends and felt comfortable voicing my opinion to the class. Sometimes I would not understand what the question was and in the group discussions I was able to get filled in on the information. It was also fun because I got to hear other people s opinions. The observation papers were also helpful because I got to observe what people did and how they acted on a date. I almost felt like a spy and I thought that was cool. The observation papers also got me to met new people and I understood he class better. Acting out certain roles also made me understand the class because I felt what it feels like to get embarrassed in public and to get taken advantage.

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